41″ Long Cowhide Leather Welding Jacket

This product is made of high-quality cowhide leather with anti-scald and flame resistant stitching, making it great for prolonged contact with heat. It is 41″ long, so you have ample protection across your body. With reinforced piping around the neck and extra padding to protect against sparks, this product is sure to last for years. The thread has been tested to be flame resistant even in prolonged contact with direct flame from a welding torch.

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Further Product Information

Welding leather apron is flame resistant and comfortable, with a length of 41 inches.
From the legs to the upper neck, a long welding coat protects you from splashes and sparks.
The straight jacket has a big pocket with a cover. It may be used to store tiny tools or components.
Everyone may wear this apron.
Nylon straps are created for the neck position, and the rear includes two buttons for your comfort.
When working in welding, heat-proof,  splash-proof and other safe working environments, a welding jacket with a high collar and sleeve design protects the arms and torso from welding splatter and radiation.