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Do you want to set trends with a leather backpack? These are ideal as a complement and to carry our things in them. In addition, it is difficult to not wear the clothes you wear.  

Currently, it is used daily by both children and university students. But it is that more and more often it is carried by older people. This is because they are the best option to carry weight on the back without creating problems in it or hurting us.  

Whether it’s leather backpacks for men or leather backpacks for women, the fact is that they are fashionable. And apparently their timelessness will make them be for a long time. One of the great advantages of Horizon Leather is that the vast majority are handmade leather backpacks, (handmade leather backpacks). This means that they have a magnificent finish and that they are of great quality. All of them will give you that touch that will add style to your look. 

It seems incredible that we also say that it is cheap leather backpacks, but we try to offer you the best items at the best price. And we have a large assortment, small leather backpacks, large leather backpacks, brown leather backpacks, black leather backpacks and many other colors. 

We also have cloth and leather backpacks or different styles such as classic, vintage, antique, among others. However, you will surely find the perfect backpack among all the models of leather backpacks we have in decuero.blog. 

Do you wonder if you need care for your leather backpack?

It is not necessary, but it is not uncommon if you hear it somewhere or someone tells you. If you want, you can moisturize your backpack with balms or special creams. But normally with a little Nivea moisturizer is more than enough. In this way your fantastic leather backpack will absorb the cream you need and will take shine. 

Are you still doubting whether to buy a leather backpack? 

You may not have realized it yet, but in the end you will understand that you can not fight temptation. They are a unique complement, which is increasingly taking more and more popularity. In addition to being quality and fantastic products, you will not find better prices than we offer on our page. So stop reading and we will buy. 

Leather backpacks, comfort and elegance

The leather backpacks are an indispensable element for carrying our stuff with the best style, also represents an accessory that is increasingly used among men and women.

It is used not only by university students who always look to stay fashionable, but also more people join this trend that every day adds more followers of all ages. Therefore we bring you this article which shows the history and recommendations to keep your leather goods in good condition.

Many of the backpacks are handcrafted from leather and can be seen in colors such as brown, black or even red, provide a touch of vintage and modern, their designs vary and sizes range from large and small.  

History of the leather backpack

One of the questions you ask yourself when you start reading this article is how the first leather backpack came about.

This article is known since the fifteenth century, where both men and women wore an element similar to the backpack. It was a bag made from the skin of animals such as the goat and the wild boar.

If we place ourselves in a more contemporary era, male and female fashion were always separated and were seen as two separate worlds. Gerry Cunnigham put zippers on her and these were not yet seen as a female accessory.

For sure there is no exact date where leather backpacks made their official appearance or who imposed fashion as such.

Coco Chanel was one of the first women who imposed the style of carrying leather backpacks, she chose to use this item as a handbag that for some laughter was inspired by military bags.

Nowadays, women and men enjoy this element with total freedom, it allows them to have their hands free and they have become a fashion accessory and an indispensable garment for many people. 

How to keep leather backpacks hydrated?

You can choose to use specialized products to keep the leather, in the market there are balms that moisturize the material and do not cause it to lose color.

Another option is a homemade way that is based on using a moisturizer, it should be applied with a cloth while you rub it all over the area. The skin will absorb the cream and anger taking a certain shine that will make it look like new.

How to clean leather backpacks?

  • Water and soap

If you have noticed that a lot of dust accumulates inside your bag, remove all the things that are in it and shake it with claps. You can also use the option of using a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust that is inside.

If these recommendations are not enough resort to the method of water and liquid soap for cleaning, otherwise the dirty can penetrate to the bottom of the bag and reach the skin where it is much more difficult to clean.

  • Alcohol and dry handkerchief

It can be used to clean the ink stains in your bag, you should use a swab dipped in alcohol and scrubbing with the help of a dry handkerchief. Alcohol dissolves easily while the handkerchief absorbs and removes stains from the bag.

  • Clean furniture

It serves to remove dust on the outside of the leather backpack , polish the skin of the backpack with a dry handkerchief until the dust is removed, at the same time helps to give shine to your article.