BEETRO Welding Apron Split Leg for Men

The new cowhide leather welding apron is designed to protect you and your clothes from sparks, welding splatter, and heat. It also provides storage for necessary items like a respirator, pencils and more. Made from durable yet lightweight cowhide leather, every element is premium quality. These aprons will last longer than you ever expected. Plus, this split leg design allows it to fit over any pants or shorts with ease. Let this be the last welder’s apron you purchase for the rest of your career.

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Further Product Information

DURABLE: Cowhide is widely regarded as the finest cowhide for abrasion-resistant working aprons. BEETRO aprons are made of high-quality cowhide leather that is not only robust but also flexible, and they provide puncture, tear, and cut resistance.
QUALITY: This top-of-the-line full-coverage apron is 25 inches wide by 42 inches long and covers you up to the knees as you work. FRIENDLY: If you’ve been searching for a high-quality heavy-duty work apron at a reasonable price, THIS IS IT. The back, waist, and leg straps may be be adjusted to better suit your figure. They are intended to hang over the shoulder, distributing weight equally across the shoulders. You’ll never have to deal with neck and back discomfort again. The leg straps may be adjusted to perfectly encircle the legs, preventing sparks and splashing.
POCKETS: Three pockets for equipment and work supplies, including one for a mobile phone and one for a pencil. Instead of continuously searching for items, you may keep them near at hand in it. To avoid the phone from slipping out, the mobile phone pocket is deep.
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: They are helpful for a variety of professional and household activities in addition to welding. Lathe work apron, metalwork apron, gardening apron, woodworkers’ apron, bulk apron, machine apron, metalsmith apron, pocket apron, garage apron, customized apron, mechanics apron, workshop apron, farrier apron, lead apron.