Leather Cases

More and more we use different containers to carry our everyday things and make our lives easier. We already have enough with our obligations and problems to have to be worrying about additional things. That’s why we have designed some incredible leather cases to make your days easier.

We know that you like to take your mobile and your most precious things protected. That is why our cases are handmade with shock-resistant leather. Leather is one of the most resistant materials to all kinds of situations, and will ensure the protection of your personal belongings.

Is there variety in Horizon Leathers?

In our range of products we have leather cases for all types of objects. For mobile phones, makeup, school supplies, such as leather cases for pencils and other everyday objects. Is there anything that hurts more than you drop your mobile, you pick it up from the ground and it’s all shattered? I do not think so. Mobile phones are one of our most appreciated everyday objects and we do not want that to happen. With one of our leather cases you will make sure that this can never happen.

In addition to protecting your objects, a leather case will give you more class and you will leave that dented tarpaulin case that you have had since you were in primary school. That plastic mobile case that you always carry but that does not say anything to you or anyone else will go straight to the memory box. Maybe you think that a leather case is going to be much more expensive than a normal one, but it’s not like that. In our store we think about your pocket and you will hardly notice the difference between the price of a normal case and a leather one. You will be able to dazzle everyone when you take your case out of your backpack or your mobile, and you will have everyone notice it.

They are available in all the colors you can imagine. Although if you are more classic we also have them in brown and black. Our cases are large so that you can fit all your stuff and its leathery smell will please you. You will no longer have to think about where to take your things and worry about your mobile anymore.

Type of leather cases

Leather is one of the most used materials by companies that design clothing, belts, cases , handbags, among others. The truth is that many of the objects that are used daily are made with this type of material.

The leather can be taken from the cow, the goat or the buffalo . However, each material has its own characteristics. For example, cow or buffalo cases are usually thicker than goats.

Below are the advantages of leather cases , along with some of the best types of cases.

Advantages of leather cases

The leather cases are very useful accessories because they have all the benefits of the material with which they are made. Some of the outstanding advantages of cases made from this material are:

  • Although its original color (brown) is the most requested, the leather can be dyed to any desired color.
  • The leather cases can be used in almost any field, from casual to elegant office or because they provide a unique style that fits your environment.
  • Its main function is to store materials for writing, however they can be used to protect tools or objects that are delicate or easy to lose.
  • Thanks to its popularity and its high demand in the current market, companies that manufacture leather cases have had to create a large catalog of these accessories with different designs and colors, which is constantly updated.
  • They can be used by both men and women, which facilitates and broadens the search range if one wishes to acquire one.
  • They tend to be tough and have a long lifespan thanks to the nature of leather.
  • The leather cases like any other garment or accessory made from this material, only have good appearance over the years if they are given proper maintenance. Use leather cleaning products to avoid damaging it and give it shine, and moisturize constantly because the skin loses its elasticity and cracks.
  • Leather is an elegant material with a classic style that does not have an excessive cost. Allowing leather cases to be inexpensive and fashionable accessories.

The best types of leather cases, prices and features

Infinity of models, designs and sizes . In this way the leather cases are characterized ; Below are the best types of leather cases , their prices and features.

“Robbie” leather case in the best retro style

  • It is a unisex case in vintage style or “retro” as it is best known.
  • It is a case made of goat leather.
  • The detail of the closure is a buckle .
  • The measurements are 21 x 27.
  • It is light brown.
  • It is a spacious case to store pencils, pens and erasers.

“Benjamin” leather case

  • It is a case for storing markers, pencils and pens .
  • The mark of this case is “Gusti Leder nature”.
  • This case can be closed with a leather cord.
  • They are manufactured specifically in India.
  • It is like a blanket that inside brings several compartments .
  • On the other hand, it is essential to know that this type of products are made by small family businesses.

Leather case in black

  • It is a case in the vintage style.
  • The predominant color in this case is black.
  • However, other colors such as military green, light brown and dark brown can be displayed .
  • It is made of buffalo leather.