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In our online store you can find all the leather goods that you can imagine! There are some of us who like leather so much that we see it like they are authentic works of art. And like any good work of art you have to take care of it, and show it with personality and elegance. Since they will be garments that give your style a unique touch. Due to its great quality and timelessness you are able to wear leather clothing year after year without going out of style!

The History of Leather

The Evolution of Leather

If we look back, we can see that the leather dates back thousands of years. Formerly they were used to make breastplates, leather collars, among many other things. Above all, they were articles destined to keep various utensils or to complement the clothing of the old soldiers. This is because it was a thick, light and resistant fabric at that time.

It was also used to protect against the cold, and let’s not forget that its main application was in the manufacture of footwear. At the time of the Romans, the biggest claimants of this material were the legions. They used this fabric in different garments, such as shoes, certain parts of the armor, covers for weapons and utensils, among others.

Although all this with the passage of time has been evolving. Nowadays leather is used to perfect many other types of garments. In principle, it began to be used in certain articles related to the world of chivalry. As in cases to hold swords, in saddles, and even heads or bites. Until our days, where leather skirts, leather sandals, leather bags, leather leggings, leather gloves and thousands of other items are manufactured.

Leather today

Currently, the profession that is dedicated to treating leather in a greater number of forms and articles is leather goods. They make real works of art with leather, achieving unique garments and an impressive style. They are pieces manufactured by hand and thanks to this they achieve a perfect finish and unbeatable quality. You will be left with your mouth open, I assure you!

So do not hesitate and take a tour of our online store. It is a unique place, where lovers of leather garments and artisans of this incredible fabric meet!

How Is Leather Made?

Types of leather stores

One of the materials used to make popular clothes and accessories today is leather. This raw material is created from a special treatment made to the skin of some animals. Any product made from leather is characterized by having a class style, elegant and formal; and for an efficient distribution and sale there are leather stores .

Due to the wide variety of objects that are manufactured from leather, the existence of explicit leather shops is necessary for a small group of products made from this material. Some of the examples of most common leather stores will be detailed below.

Leather clothing stores

One of the most popular leather stores worldwide are those that are responsible for distributing garments made from leather . The clothing made from tanned animal skin is very varied, the most sought after specimens in the current market are:

  • Leather skirts
  • Leather pants.
  • Leather vests.
  • Leather suits

Leather shoe stores

Another garment made from leather that is very popular today and that can be used in almost any situation is leather shoes. The leather shops in which only shoes of this material are usually sold lots of copies with different designs and colors. However, those of better quality tend to be very expensive, although you can always opt for some synthetic leather shoes.

Leather accessory stores

The best way to complement an elegant dress is to incorporate some leather accessory. The leather stores that sell these accessories have a large catalog, this is because there are many brands that are responsible for the preparation and design of these products. Some of the objects that can be purchased in leather accessory stores are:

  • Leather wallets.
  • Leather wallets.
  • Leather watches for men and women.
  • Leather gloves.
  • Leather collars
  • Leather bracelets

Upholstery shops

When you want to renovate some upholstery or furniture with leather there are leather shops that specialize in this area. It is one of the most requested by those who want to give a new or elegant look to certain objects such as:

  • Car seats.
  • Chairs, armchairs and sofas.
  • Briefcases

Leather goods stores

When you want to provide a classic look to some place like homes or businesses, you can purchase objects in leather stores that specialize in the items you want. Some of the leather objects that can be obtained in these stores are:

  • Leather furniture
  • Leather chairs
  • Decorative objects

Leather craft shops

The most used objects to decorate homes are crafts and products made by artists. The leather stores that sell these items made of leather give you the unique style and elegance of the material that helps you adapt to almost any environment.

Ways to keep items bought in leather stores

Leather is one of the most used materials today due to its malleability and, if it is of high quality, it has great strength and durability. However, to maintain a clean, bright and preserved appearance; The following processes must be performed:

  • The leather should be hydrated frequently, because when they are made of leather, they dry up. This hydration of the material must be done with special products avoiding wetting it, because the leather can absorb water and causing bad odors and cracking.
  • Special cleansers should be used to maintain a shiny appearance.

These special products are mostly provided in leather stores that are also usually sold in special offers with leather products.



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