Leather Belts

For Men

The elegance and seriousness of a man is also based on the way of how he dresses. This is where the leather belt appears to take relevance.

Leather Belts For Guys

Every man must have at least 4 leather belts in various shades. Remember that leather belts are an elegant attraction for your outfits. Like all garments, there are many types of belts, among which are those of leather. These can be presented in common colors that is black and brown .

However, the styles of leather belts may vary. Some may appear thick and others fine . Some include a wallet to place the sunglasses or mobile phone. In that sense, this article is aimed at men who look for the characteristics of the best leather belts.

Characteristics of the best leather belts for men

There is a wide variety of leather belts for men . In addition, these are presented in dark colors, as they are usually the most elegant and versatile for every occasion. At this point it will be convenient to describe the characteristics of each type of leather belt .

VBIGER leather belt with automatic buckle

It is a 100% real leather belt , which has a length of 120-125 centimeters and a width of 3.5 centimeters. It has no hole, because it is manufactured with an automatic buckle . On the other hand, the buckle also comes off, which means that it can be replaced by others of different design.

In the market you can find different colors, however, the predominant color is dark brown.

Leathorio Leather Belt

It is one of the high quality leather belts , it is perfect to give on special occasions. It has elegant finishes and the design of the buckle is metallic. It is made of leather in its entirety , has measures of 115 centimeters and width 38mm. It is one of the most elegant designs and can be included with any outfit.

Reversible leather belt in brown and blue

It is one of the most versatile and useful types of belts . They can be two belts in one, because on the one hand its design is brown and on the back it is dark blue . It is an elegant and serious model without details of manufacturing. It is the ideal belt to wear in a job interview or for a special occasion.

Buffalo Leather Belt

It is one of the most flexible mens belts. It is made of buffalo leather, and predominates in light brown. The size of this belt is between 40 mm wide and 4 mm thick. The men who work in the field, are the most interested in this type of belt that also are very resistant and durable.

Leathario leather belt with excellent finishes

The size of this belt is between 115 centimeters and 38mm wide and is made of leather materials. On the other hand, one of its advantages is the buckle that is usually strong, resistant and with an excellent finish. This type of belts comes in various shades, among which are the belts of brown, black, and dark brown.

Reversible leather belt in brown degrade

It is a conventional belt with degradation in brown colors . Also, it’s a reversible belt, so you can have one and use it for two. Excellent advantage! Its size is 105 centimeters. It is a belt that has 7 wide holes and there will still be space to place others if necessary. It is ideal for use in the newspaper and for casual styles.

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