Leather Covers

Leather is a synonym for quality, and our handmade leather covers will satisfy all your needs. This is because we have all kinds of cases.

If what you like is to keep your mobile phone well protected and not worry if you drop it or hit it accidentally, our mobile phone cases will be your great ally in those difficult days of nerves or exams. They will also give you a great feeling of comfort when you take your mobile phone out of your pocket, and you will be relieved to know that if it slips out of your hand nothing will happen to you. You can complement your mobile with our leather covers for books and notebooks, and surprise everyone by taking out your book or notebook in class.

Other types of leather cases?

Our leather car covers are perfect for adding a touch of quality to your car, as they will make your car look like a high-end car. Available in every color you can imagine, your car will look like a real racing car when you open the door. No need to make a large investment to have a car with luxury look inside. In addition to being able to customize your seats with our car covers, you can improve it even more with our leather steering wheel covers. You will have more comfort when driving and will give your car and your steering wheel more class and style.

If you are a hunter and would like to carry your utensils safely, our leather holsters for knives and other hunting tools will be a luxury at your fingertips. Your knives will be well protected in all situations and our leather hides for hunting knives will give you that comfort characteristic of leather. In addition, you can take your shotgun or weapon well protected with our leather cases for shotguns, which will make a difference when things get ugly.

Any of our leather cases will be a great ally in your daily life, so we offer many possibilities and many types of leather cases, for any situation that may arise in your life.

Learn about the benefits of leather cases

You bought your new phone and want to show it off with your friends, but there is always a concern to keep it protected and many people wonder how to do it.

If you are one of those people who are clueless and careless, you should take a walk through a store selling telephone items and ask about leather cases , but not only are there phone cases, there are also other items that require this protection.

I know you would also ask, why leather ?, and the answer to this question is quite easy.

It is known as leather, the skin that is treated by tanning and comes from a layer that covers the animals. It has high resistance and elasticity which makes it conducive to be handled.

This is a material often used among various tools that are not only for phones, many prefer their application because they are extremely resistant and are easily molded. With it you can make covers for knives, knives and even phone protectors.

Types of leather covers

Leather cases for knives

The cover is an indispensable part of protection for our knives. Like other articles, it should be easy to use and adapt to our needs. A good quality leather case prevents the object from scratching and keeps the razor blade sharp.

Sometimes they bring with them a cord that keeps them suspended in the part where we want to place them.

The best-known brands of leather knife cases are:

  • Pielcu: this brand was founded 40 years ago by José Piqueras Cortijo in Spain. At the beginning of its foundation it was only dedicated to the elaboration of cases for arms and boots, but with the passage of time they were adapted more to the needs of the people and they began to venture with the care of the knives.
  • Onogal: currently has a case for knives made of pure high quality leather, supports items up to 12 cm in length and has a pendant to hold it with the pants.
  • Hanshi: specializes mostly in the creation of leather cases for multiple knives, such as those used by chefs.

It has a support of 11x 7.9, cuffs with double flaps that keep the knives completely wrapped. Its design is simple and is perfect to take everywhere, especially trips.

Leather phone cases

Since the phones came out to the market it has always been a recurring concern to keep them protected and in good standing. The good news for the users of these articles was the leather covers, but not just leather covers; This material is highly resistant and not for nothing is one of the most demanded worldwide.

Phone cases convince everyone for their originality and versatility.

One of the trends that makes a lot of enthusiasm to many are the well-known notebook-type cases, these not only protect the back of your phone, since they have a protective flap that keeps your phone free of scratches.

Among the brands of leather phone cases are the following:

  • Pocket: it is a company dedicated to the manufacture and import of protective products for telephones. Its network extends internationally and its products are made by hand with fine materials and top quality.
  • Kangaroo: this brand has years in the market and has a wide selection of items ranging from travel bags to phone linings, the latter one of the most sought after for its designs and strength. It is called a kangaroo because they have a hook that keeps the phone skewered to any surface you want.

It is made from leather and a protective flap.

Care of the leather covers  

At first it is recommended to clean the covers with a cloth whose material is cotton.

Apply wax to keep your glossy finish always. After that, it is suggested to wash it with water so that the inner layer that must be made of fabric removes all accumulated dirt, it is allowed to dry and as an optional touch, apply horse grease especially in the seam areas.