Creation Core Cowhide Welding Apron Bib

Our full leather welding apron is made of the finest quality cowhide leather. Take care of your expensive leather welder bibs and welding aprons with this combo pack of our top rated resistance welding aprons. These workhorses provide protection against heat, chemical splash/spray, and mild abrasion associated with regular use.

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Further Product Information

Cowhide is a durable and flexible material. Wear resistance, heat insulation, and fire avoidance are all features of this product. The product edge is randomly red and black in color.
Welding aprons have fewer seams and are more comfortable to wear. They are also portable and handy, and they are extremely robust. They include a chest pocket and adjustable nylon straps with fast release buckles.
It is heat resistant and spill proof, with a protective design that prevents welding spatter from splattering on clothing.
This apron is ideal for usage in environments where welding spatter is a significant problem, since it can protect the user’s body. It is also suited for splash proof, heat resistant, and other safe work environments.
51.97″ (shoulder strap length is not included), 37.8″ pant length Suitable for individuals with a height of about 180cm.