Men's Leather Gym Bags

You deserve to look good on both the way and back – so it’s time to take a long, hard look at that vinyl bag you’re carrying around. Stop making your workout space sweatier than necessary! One sure-fire way to avoid this is by keeping all your smelly gear out of sight with an animal-print gym or leather duffel bag for men made from supple leather. If you already have one but are looking for something different, we’ve got just what you need. Check our collection today and start living well – after all, exercise will never be fun if carrying stuff over short distances is a chore in itself.

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Find Stylish Genuine Leather Gym Bags From Horizon Leathers

With the rugged, old-school look of a black leather duffle bag and smell that exudes this tough guy aura, you'll knock your opponents out cold! This utter and complete bad boy will show them who's boss. The sweat from your hard work is dripping down it's surface as it hangs with some pride on the back while pumping iron grips its straps tight. There's no such thing as overkill when talking about quality materials here—only all-natural. No sandpaper or buffing can compare to a “newer” type of leather that has never felt human touch because it was interfered with by chemicals in the claying process before finishing.

Genuine Full Grain Leather Gym Bag

If you want a gym bag that lasts from one workout to the next, invest in genuine full grain leather. Made of high-quality and strong leather hides, our bags are meant for years of use – but not because it's glued together. Feel free to stop by anytime we're open if you need help picking out your perfect bag!

Personalise Your Gym Bag

If you're carrying gym-wear everywhere you go, it can be tough to pack all of your essentials, but fortunately, our leather duffle bags will aid in this! With its breathable pores and durable material that's sturdy enough for anything – these will make sure your equipment stays intact. Customize with your initials on the front and enjoy funky colors and cute designs that fit your taste perfectly.

The advantages of full grain leather duffle bags

Leather is a natural material which has been used for centuries to make bags and cases. It has made its way into the modern world of business and sport, with our leather gym bags being used by many people from all walks of life. Full grain leather duffle bags offers several advantages over other types of leather.

  • Longer lasting – the natural oils in the leather mean that it is more durable than non-full grain.
  • Better quality – full grain leather is a thicker and better quality hide which generally has a slightly more even finish.
  • Better appearance – full grain leather is the most natural looking leather, with the grain pattern being visible on the surface.
  • More supple – full grain leather is less stiff and more pliable than other types of leather.

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