Esright Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch with Ottoman

The EsRight is a modern and contemporary design with class! This L-shaped couch gives you the style and comfort of both couches and a chaise lounge all in one space-saving sectional. It is a beautiful addition to any living room or home office area.

You can convert the sofa to a lounger by simply flipping the chaise back, creating a relaxing place for anyone. With tufted linen fabric and loose cushions, this sofa will give your living room a refined look. Filled with foam, it gives you wonderful support while staying soft and comfortable.

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Further Product Information

  • Traditional Nail-Head Design – This convertible modular sofa set is full of style and sophistication thanks to the contemporary nail-head design. For your workplace or home area, the beautiful design provides a distinctive warmth and charm. Even if it is situated in the beautiful lobby, the mix of nail-head and linen fabric makes this convertible sectional couch very sumptuous.
  • Widened Sectional Sofa – 88.6″ The 88.6 MHz “The big sofa couch (H)x32″(W)x32.2″(H) is ideal for 6.4ft adults to lay down for an afternoon sleep. The 61.4” convertible chaise can fulfill your requirements to extend your legs while reading or watching TV when the moveable ottoman is freely positioned on the left or right side of the couch. You may mix and match the couch combinations to suit your home and tastes.
  • Firm and Comfortable – The fundamental construction of our 3 seats foldable sectional couch is a robust hardwood frame, which ensures the sofa’s firmness and longevity. The maximum weight capacity is 750 pounds. The seat cushions made of springs and sponge offer a soft yet supporting 5.7 “You won’t be able to get trapped in it easily because of the substantial seat. In addition, because the 5 extremely elastic tufted back cushions are fastened with Velcro, you can be certain that they will not move.
  • The precise tilt angle of 105 degrees may provide the body with the most comfortable support. Ergonomic Architecture Delivers Maximum Relaxation – Long-term usage will not cause fatigue due to the ergonomic design. It is ideal for reading, business conversations, and recreational activities. It can provide the most relaxing experience for all of your lovers, friends, and family.
  • The L-Shaped Sectional Sofa comes in four packages and contains all required components for easy assembly and maintenance. Please carefully follow the directions after getting all items; you may do it in 10-15 minutes with no need for additional equipment. You can quickly finish the maintenance and cleaning by just wiping the couch’s surface with a wet cloth.

Is Esright an option?

Esright is adamant about doing all possible to demonstrate the allure of furnishings to everyone. Furniture is essential in family life, and we believe that more individuals will be able to create a comfortable living environment by using furniture. We distinguish out in the furniture business because of our meticulous manufacturing process and stringent quality control. Our designers put their entire ingenuity and imagination into their work, striving to create more attractive and gratifying furniture. As a result, you’ll always be able to get acceptable outcomes here.

What are the advantages of the Esright foldable sectional sofa couch?

  • Esright’s convertible sectional sofa blends the harshness of the rivet with the comfort of the fabric to create a stunning aesthetic effect.
  • Rivets around the sofa’s shape, and the metal roughness adds to its beauty. The tufted back seat cushions are both attractive and elegant. With this wide and flexible sectional couch, you can create a relaxing space in your home, apartment, or workplace.