Genuine Italian Green Leather Men's Shoulder Duffle Bag


Your perfect go-bag for weekends away. This one’s lightweight, durable and absolutely versatile. At the office it’ll store your laptop, change of clothes and lunch; at home, it will contain all your surfing gear; on vacation you can use it to hold your beach towels, flip flops, water bottles…

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Do you want to look like some dapper hipster dude jetting across the globe? Look no further than this mega-cool green men’s Italian duffle bag. Made of genuine leather and chic brass zippers, the inside features black lining to protect all your clothes from stains. You can even attach it to a trolley or put it in an overhead compartment on a plane – any way you pack your stuff, rest assured that they’ll be safe! The exterior has two holders for water bottles, making hydration never feel so easy again. Dressed up in its mint green sheen and dark blue crosshatch print detail – how are you not already pals with our travel accessory favourite?

Ba-da ba-bum bum.: There’s a reason this durable and cool sling bag is a best-seller. It’s roomy, lightweight, and mega versatile – you can take it with you on any trip, whether it’s for business or pleasure. Wear it over your shoulder, sling it across your body – either way, you’ll be looking so dang chic. The best part? It’s made of 100% genuine leather, so there is no need to worry about any stains or damage. Plus, the outside is equipped with a pocket for you to stash your water bottle in – hydration never felt so easy! If you’re looking for a bag that’ll accompany you on your journeys, look no further than this leather sling.


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