Genuine Leather Cross Body Bag for Men

This is the perfect leather cross body bag for men! It’s made of premium cowhide leather and has a stylish vintage design. The large capacity design can fit an iPad mini, phone, purse, small camera, Power Bank, and more. And the adjustable strap makes it easy to wear however you want.

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This cross-body bag is perfect for men who want a stylish and functional bag that is also fun! The cowhide leather is of the highest quality and will last for years. The large capacity design means this bag can hold everything you need, including your iPad mini, phone, and wallet. And the adjustable strap means you can carry it in various ways. Whether you’re going to work or to hit the town on the weekend, this cross-body bag is perfect for any occasion!

What is Crazy Horse Leather?

Crazy Horse Leather is a type of leather that stands out from the others due to its unique ageing qualities. It is created using waxes, oils and specialized tannin agents to give this particular leather its hallmark antique look as it ages. Its surface will change into a beautiful shade with usage and regular maintenance.

Not only does it become more beautiful with time, but Crazy Horse leather is also highly durable and wear-resistant compared to other leathers, making it an ideal choice for items that are used frequently and subject to abuse.

Furthermore, unlike many other types of leather, Crazy Horse Leather can stand up to most harsh weather conditions without damage or discolouration. Truly unrivalled in its beauty and practicality, Crazy Horse Leather is a sight to behold and an excellent addition to any wardrobe or household item.

Leather Care Instructions (PLEASE READ!)

Our leather sling bags are designed to last a lifetime, ensuring you have something stylish and practical to use regularly.

  • To keep your leather sling bag looking its best, we recommend cleaning it regularly with a soft cotton cloth and leather wax.
  • To further protect your leather sling bag from damage, never expose it directly to water or steam. Avoid contact with acid and alkaline or corrosive substances like oil.
  • Also, ensure not to pinch sharp or hard objects against the leather. Be aware that this leather should not be overloaded either or kept damp for extended periods; if it gets wet due to rain, immediately air-dry it or dry it with a warm wind instead.
  • Finally, if your leather sling bag is going into storage for an extended period, consider placing moisture agents inside the leather before sealing it in a plastic bag and storing it in a cool place.

Looking For More Traditional Vintage Leather Backpacks For Men?

If you’re looking for leather backpacks for men, start exploring your options today. A leather backpack is a timeless gift that can be with him no matter where his ventures take him.

Whether you’re looking for something to accompany him on work trips or something he can rock during hikes, there are quality leather backpacks for everyone and every adventure.

They provide lasting durability yet remain fashionable, ensuring the item will never go out of style. Shop leather backpacks to give him a fantastic gift that can travel with him through life!


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