Genuine Leather Crossbody Sling Bag Fit 9.7 Inches Ipad


This genuine leather crossbody sling bag is the perfect accessory for your daily life. The unique design and vintage look make it perfect for outdoor activities, travel, or just a day out with friends. With one front buckle pocket, one front zipper pocket, and one zipper pocket at the back, this bag has plenty of space to store your essentials. And with its comfortable shoulder strap, you’ll love wearing this bag all day long.

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This beautiful and unique Genuine Leather Crossbody Sling Bag is perfect for your daily use! With a vintage look and classy design, it’s great for any occasion. The distinguishing feature of this bag is the crazy-horse leather, which adds an authentic and unique touch. It’s also perfect for outdoor activities, travel, working, dating, and much more!

Material: Crazy Horse Genuine Leather
Lining Material: Canvas
Dimensions: 7″L x 11.8″H x 3.54″W (18cm x 30cm x 9cm)
Structure: 1 front buckle pocket, 1 front zipper pocket, 1 zipper pocket at the back, 1 main pocket ( 1 main compartment which fits for 9.7 inches Ipad, 1 patch pocket, 1 zipper pocket)
The bag gets an authentic and unique vintage look with time
Unique design with classy looking, which makes it perfect for  your daily use, perfect for outdoor activities, travel, working, dating, walk the dog and so on
The distinguishing feature of crazy-horse leather is that leather may have wrinkles, scratches that are inherent characteristics. When you scrape it widely, the trace will appear. If the trace is not obvious, you can wipe it gently and then the trace will be less
Ergonomically-designed straps distribute weight evenly
Leather-lined comfortable grab handle

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* Our products are designed to last a lifetime
Please using a soft cotton cloth and leather wax to clean the leather, so as not to damage leather, leather goods don’t directly in the water to clean.
Avoid prolonged exposure leather、 the rain;
Avoid contact with acid and alkaline substances , corrosive substances, oil;
Avoid direct contact with sharp and hard objects or friction;
To prevent overweight or excessive loading;
When the leather be affected with damp, immediately air-dried or dried with a warm wind;
When the leather to make long-term collection, should be placed moisture agent inside the leather, and with a plastic bag sealed and stored in a cool place

The First Layer Cow Leather is made by the raw skin of cows. The surface has small pores, clear texture, and has good natural characteristics. It’s not only used comfortable but also has the following features:
1) good breathability
2) heat dissipation
3) sweat absorption
4) moisture-proof.Belonging to superior leather, manufactured into products will be very durable.


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