Leather Gloves For Men

Leather gloves for men were made for protection and as time progressed the design and style improved and became articles adaptable to different situations. They offer greater protection and comfort than those who wear them.

Leather gloves give a snug fit and completely cover the entire hand, some may be longer than others but will depend on the style you find. These represent a good solution to the cold since they are by nature made of a thermal material and do not retain moisture.

Types of gloves for men

Gloves were not only created to protect from the cold, there are different situations that we may want to wear them, either for its protection as its resistance. The categories of each one will vary depending on the activity performed.

Next we will mention the different leather gloves for different situations:

  • Leather gloves for cold

They are used when you are in situations of low temperatures such as the winter season, this is very helpful for people who have to be outdoors all day.

It prevents the hands from freezing and presenting that purple tone on the fingers.

In the case of work activities, it helps to manipulate objects that are really cold, such is the case of people who work in cellars or rooms with temperatures below zero.

In addition to being useful for cold situations, they are quite aesthetic in any color.

  • Leather gloves for welding

They are made to protect the hands of people who are exposed to welding activities and the risks that may exist as a result of this activity.

There are two classifications for these gloves:

  • Type A: are gloves of greater protection.
  • Type B: Are those that are made for activities of lower risk and therefore of less protection.

Gloves of this type are very specific and must be governed by a set of safety standards.

  • Anti-cut leather gloves

Anti-cut gloves are used for activities where sharp objects are those that must be handled, as in the case of butchers, butchers or companies with mechanical saws.

They have a protective layer that slows the cut and helps keep your hand safe, however you have to keep in mind that these are specific and avoid the factors of humidity and temperature.

Different brands of leather gloves for men

  • Vbiger brand gloves: this time the leather gloves for men of the brand Vbiger, are made especially for those who seek protection and the ability to use their touch phone but without having to remove their coating.

They are made with comfortable materials and are used in the autumn and winter, their design is quite comfortable, stylish and varied colors. Regarding their size, they present a wide variety in their catalog, but they are mostly directed to the adult public.

  • Yiseven brand gloves: one of the tendencies among motorcyclists is the leather gloves without coating for the fingers, they are very used in times of summer or spring where only the protection of the palm of the hand is sought, they stop the hands from sweating and provides more support when accelerating.

One of the most frequent colors are brown, they give a vintage and aesthetic touch that makes you look like everything you wear. These men’s leather gloves have ventilation on the knuckles through a series of breathable holes that increase air flow, so your hands do not sweat, they are suitable for daily use and maintain grip at all times.

  • Gloves Tininna brand: these are gloves made of pure black leather and are mostly sought in the winter time by frequent drivers.

They allow the hand to have a better support and its thermal material maintains that part of the body at an adequate temperature.