Leather Gloves For Women

Practicality and elegance with leather gloves for women

Leather gloves for women are garments that is intended to cover the hands in cold weather or protect them from injury. Looking for leather gloves for men? Click the link provided!

There is a legend that says that while Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, was chasing Adonis in the middle of the woods, she hurt her hand with thorns. It was then that the three Graces upon hearing their lament went to help them and joined three strips that they adapted to their hand, since then gloves have existed.

Women have been wearing leather gloves for centuries and is deemed an article that represents distinction and sophistication at all times. A pair of gloves is an incredible choice to give.

Phases of the development of leather gloves for women

In order to achieve maximum comfort, the main attribute that is desired from leather gloves is good flexibility and thinness. In order for this to fulfill its purpose, the craftsman in charge chooses the best pieces and once they are cut they are stretched with total smoothness. The cutting of each piece is done individually.

Not all the creation of glove are done by hand, although it is the most recommended, in certain occasions it is resorted to the help of specialized machines. Once it is completely sewn, the pieces are smoothed with the help of heat in a flat plate that has the shape of a glove.

On almost all occasions, the manufacturing stages are done entirely by hand.

Unfortunately, the demand of gloves of this material has decreased over time and since the 1960s, there have been fewer workshops that specialize in making these garments.

However, the fashion of leather gloves for women is resurging and it is becoming more and more noticeable to see this type of pieces in women.

 Leather gloves brands for women

There are few workshops in Europe that are in the manufacture of leather gloves. However, certain companies have remained despite the adversities and continue to present beautiful and cutting-edge models.

  • Mazzoleni: it is one of the Italian brands imposed by the artisan Trussardi, who specializes in the manufacture of gloves since 1958. They are sent everywhere in the world.
  • Dents: is a supplier of the British royal house, had its foundation in Worcester in 1777 as the exclusive manufacturer of gloves, although recently widened its variety and dabbled with handbags and small leather goods.
  • Hestra: it is a brand of Swedish origin heir to the Nordic tradition. They elaborate refined gloves with conditioning that adapt to high and low temperatures.
  • Millau: the tradition of France is seen in the making of gloves, this is in the vicinity of Montpelier, where hundreds of workshops were installed.
  • Ines Gloves: is a company known for making gloves for women, for weddings, long and leather.
  • Santa Eulalia: recognized brand of Barcelona, ​​always brings a distinguished selection of leather gloves for women made with the best materials and in the best workshops in the country.

4 Benefits wearing leather gloves

  1. They offer protection in the moments of low temperatures in times of winter.
  2. They look quite aesthetic and can be used in work meetings.
  3. Give more grip in cold weather, especially when you drive motorcycles or manipulate the steering wheel of a car.
  4. They prevent you from exposing your hands to dangerous situations, such as handling sharp, hot or cold objects.

How Leather Gloves are Made