Heavy Duty Work Shop Leather Welding Apron with Welding Gloves

Our workshop leather welding aprons with welding gloves included are the ultimate protective gear for women and men. These leather bib aprons with tool pockets have been created to keep you safe and looking great. Our welding aprons protect you from sparks, splatter, fire and much more. With multiple designs and shapes available, these work shop leather welding aprons are a must have for any blacksmith or welder or woodworking or mechanic or carpenter or barbecue enthusiast.

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Further Product Information

Heavy-Duty Cowhide Leather Apron: Heavy-Duty yet Soft Cowhide Leather Apron Heat-isolating protection from fire and welding splash is provided by robust and flame retardant leather, which keeps you safe against burning and scratches while also protecting users from welding splash. When working, the complete coverage 23.6 inch wide and 35.4 inch height provides protection from the chest to the knee. Both women and men may wear the same unisex size. The extra-long straps and adjustable buckles accommodate a broad variety of sizes.
Quick Release Buckles & 2 Tool Pockets: When working, there are two handy and accessible chest pockets for storing tools and small accessories—one for the phone, the other for the tools. The phone pocket has a button to keep it from slipping out. It’s simple to put on thanks to the fast release buckles.
Cross-Back (X-Back) Strap is more comfy and lighter than around-the-neck straps.
It also efficiently reduces back and shoulder weight bearing, as well as neck strain and back discomfort. Garage, melting lead, BBQ, wood carving, lathe work, smelting, woodwork, workshop, plasma cutting, blacksmiths, grilling, mechanics, barbecue, gardening, sanding, metal processing, torch work, and so on.
Makers, welders, fabricators, handymen, carpenters, blacksmiths, mechanics, electricians, contractors, carpenters, and others will love this.
Longevity and a complete money-back guarantee: Durable and strengthened double stitching ensures long-term use. Every item comes with a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee!