HOBO Merrin Women’s Tote Shoulder Handbag

“Whether you want to carry it in your arms or on your back, the HOBO Merrin handbag is functional and chic. Made of genuine leather with antique brushed brass hardware, this tote can be transformed into a trendy shoulder bag when needed.”

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Further Product Information

Girlfriend, did you know that a HOBO Merrin is the answer to all of life’s questions?
What if I don’t have time to change out of my jeans and into a dress right before going to the party? Just throw on this soft leather bag! What if I need to carry extra things while racing from class 3- jobs 4? No sweat– just wear it as a backpack. Will anyone ever take me seriously when they see this old bag for women slouching around next to my fancy heels? Don’t care! That pleather ain’t comin’ between us.


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