HONBAY Faux Leather Sectional Sofa Couch, Convertible Sectional Sofa L Shaped Couch with Faux Leather for Small Space…


HONBAY Adjustable Leather Sectional Settee Sofa with interchangeable front room with chair has a graceful brand new look on the way to look good in your home with every taste. Cushy pretend luxury upholstery with overstuffed back cushions and foam seat cushions on a hardwood base. The longer you lie back, the better it is. Your first variant is the HONBAY L-Formed Settee sofa.




The cushions you’re seated on are soft and strong, firm and comfortable. You’re never going to have to think about sinking in. The longer you stay there, the easier.
Space Saving-Small reversible leather sectional sofa space, sofa couch flat. Great for my little apartment, loft upstairs and more.

Simple assembly-No equipment necessary to build and easy-to-follow instructions.

The chair should be on the right or left side of the leather couch, the convertible sofa and the Ottoman-sectional couch with a movable ottoman. You may openly adjust the form of a couch to refresh your house.

Couch Dimensions-78.5″(L)*30.3″(W)*35″(H).Weight Capacity: 710 lbs


1.As the object is so large,we need to ship them out with two packages
2.Seat and back cushions might take 24-48 hours to completely expand, in order to permit wrinkles because of packing to fade