Men’s Cylinder Leather Sling Bag

Looking for a stylish and durable sling bag? Look no further than our Men’s Cylinder Leather Sling Bag. Made of premium cowhide leather, this bag is strong and will last long. It also features an adjustable shoulder strap for extra comfort. So why not treat yourself to a new sling bag today? You won’t be disappointed!

Shipping Info

Depending on the country, we will use a variety of couriers to ensure that our customers get their items in a safe and timely manner. TIME ALLOWED FOR Free Delivery: 6-8 business days.

This is the perfect bag for the modern man on the go. It’s made of durable cowhide leather and has an adjustable shoulder strap for a comfortable fit. The main compartment zips closed, so you can keep your belongings safe and secure. Plus, it comes in black, so it’ll go with everything.

What is Crazy Horse Leather?

Crazy Horse leather is a type of tanned finish leather used to make items such as handmade wallets and leather duffle bags. Unlike regular leather, Crazy Horse leather has been treated with waxes and oils that make it more soft and pliable and provide a unique vintage look.

Its natural wear eventually gives it an antique patina no other product can reproduce. Not only does this type of leather last for years, but its distinctive aesthetic charm makes any item fashioned from it practically timeless.

For those looking for quality, durability and style all in one package, Crazy Horse leather is the way to go.

Care Instructions (PLEASE READ!)

Our leather sling bags are designed to last a lifetime, but their longevity will depend partly on how well you take care of them.

  • To protect the leather from becoming damaged or weakened, leather goit’s not must be exposed to water when cleaning.
  • Furthermore, leather should not come in contact with acid or alkaline materials, corrosives, oil, sharp objects, or friction which may cause wear and tear.
  • Additionally, avoid placing too much weight on the leather products to maintain their shape and appearance. If leather ever does become damp for any reason, it must be air-dried as soon as possible with a warm breeze.
  • For long-term storage of leather products, it is recommended to use moisture agents and store them in a cool area sealed inside plastic bags.

By following these leather care instructions, your leather sling bag can look new year after year!

Looking For More Traditional Leather Backpacks For Men?

Who said leather backpacks are just for geeks? If you’re looking for a leather backpack for the man in your life, you’ve come to the right place, Wheyou’vet’s for a birthday, graduation, or it’s because leather backpacks are a great gift!

When shopping through our leather options, we guarantee you’ll find a top-quality bag you’ll beat by anyone else. Thewon’tather backpacks will look stylish and make him feel confident no matter where he goes.

Don’t wait—check out our selection today and grab Bill the leather backpack he deserves!


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