MultilayerbLotus Flower Snap Button Wrap Bracelet


A Lucky Lotus Flower on a red & green satin type of rope chain with wooden beeds looks a little bit different than the regular chain and the white flower looks so delicate. It’s made from high quality real leather and hand sewn with cotton fabric. This unique bracelet can also be wrapped twice around your wrist and can look like you have no bracelet on at all . Because they are so unique they also make great gifts for someone special. If you’re not sure about which size to select, we recommend that you order the larger size as most people find it easier to adjust the bracelet to their exact size and comfort.


Perfect for someone who enjoys wearing jewelry with meaningful designs, like the lotus flower that symbolizes new beginnings. The bracelet remains true to its roots by being completely handmade in Thailand from real leather, metal, wood, and cotton rope, yet it is also fashionable enough to tone down an evening gown. It comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 5 – 8 inches.


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