Secrid – Mini Wallet Genuine Leather RFID Safe Card Case for max 12 Cards


The Secrid mini wallet. Special design credit card holder made from aluminium and leather.
With a click all cards slide out gradually. The cards will not fall out


Don’t permit its title fool you, Secrid’s Miniwallet packs a hefty punch. This elegant leather wallet includes a sturdy development and smartly-arranged inside that you’ll be able to rely on in all places you go. PRODUCT FEATURES: Weight: 2.54 ozMV , secrid miniwallets , secrid minis , secrid mini wallets , secrid wallets mini , miniwallets secrid , sec rid miniwallets , sec rid minis , sec rid mini wallets , sec rid wallets mini , miniwallets sec rid , wallets , leather wallets , canvas wallets , material wallets , cash wallets , bifold wallets , bi fold wallets , trifold wallets , tri fold wallets , accessories , accessorys , secrid wallets , secrid leather wallets , secrid canvas wallets , secrid material wallets , secrid cash wallets , secrid bifold wallets , secrid bi fold wallets , secrid trifold wallets , secrid tri fold wallets , secrid accessories , secrid accessorys

The Secrid mini wallet. Unique design bank card holder produced from aluminium and leather.
With a click all cards slide out progressively. The cards is not going to fall out
A super mens wallet. No downside to stay it on your back pocket. No breaking, No bending. 2 year full guaranty
Simply 16mm flat. Can hang banknotes and 12 cards most
RFID coverage. Prevents hackers to scouse borrow your privacy and bank card numbers