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Our leather sofas are an unobtrusive but convincing proof of high reputation and exquisite taste.

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Leather will never go out of fashion: it was and will be used in the manufacture of shoes and clothing and upholstered furniture of the highest class. Our leather sofas are an unobtrusive but convincing proof of high reputation and exquisite taste. They will give solidity to the offices of managers, without a word they will tell visitors about the stability and reliability of the company, and will demonstrate to guests the status of the owners.

Leather Sofa Buying Guide

Soft leather Sofas

Leather sofas in the room – whether it is an official’s office or living room, indicates the status of its owner and always attracts increased attention, since leather models of sofas are associated with the concept of “luxury”. This is fully justified, for in all ages leather furniture has been the prerogative of representatives of the nobility. And only recently, thanks to modern technology, high-quality leather sofas have become available if not for everyone, then at least for many, and you can buy such an attribute of upholstered furniture in Horizon Leathers. Why has furniture in leather upholstery always attracted the attention of wealthy people? And what are its advantages.

Beauty and durability of leather sofas

Skillfully crafted genuine leather is beautiful in itself: relief, thin veins, color differences even of unpainted skin look very impressive and elegant. And with the advent of current coloring technologies, allowing you to give your skin any conceivable and unimaginable colors, upholstered leather sofa began to play with new colors. Exclusively chic are the products in upholstery imitating the skin of exotic animals – crocodile or iguana.

In addition to a luxurious appearance, upholstered sofas are incredibly durable, and over the years their attractiveness only increases.

True, in order to extend their life, the following rules must be observed:

  • Do not place leather sofas near the heating system;
  • Avoid direct sunlight;
  • regularly wipe the leather surface with special cleaning solutions.

How to buy a leather sofa?

To buy a leather sofa in our online furniture store means getting a quality product and the most complete consultation about all the nuances of such an expensive upholstered furniture product.

If you have animals in your house, you should know that the smell of genuine leather causes their intense interest, as a result of which upholstery of an expensive sofa can suffer from cat’s claws or dog’s teeth. In this case, it is better to turn your eyes to artificial leather sofas.

Faux Leather Sofas

Today, there are many types of leather substitutes – from simple and inexpensive to luxurious upholstery materials, such as, for example, eco-leather (luxury leather substitute made from cotton, cellulose, genuine leather and synthetic polymers). Upholstery from a substitute of this class is practically indistinguishable from genuine leather, and in terms of performance significantly exceeds it. Artificial leather (not only elite, but in principle any quality) does not lose its original appearance when overheated, is not afraid of sunlight, and regular care with a sponge with soapy water is enough to care for it.

There are also combined options for leather sofas, where genuine leather is combined with leatherette. Especially often, artificial leather is used for upholstery of the armrests, since this is the most vulnerable part of the sofa.

On a note! If your plan is to buy a new sofa, and there are allergies or asthmatics in the house, the right decision would be to buy a sofa made of genuine or artificial leather, as it does not absorb dust and odors, and its upholstery lends itself perfectly to systematic wet care.

Each type of furniture, whether real leather or faux leather sofas is very high quality and you must understand that you get a high quality product that naturally and explains the cost of production.



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