Studded Touring Motorcycle Saddlebags


The Studded Motorcycle Saddlebags are constructed of 8 oz leather split. It is equipped with quick-release straps. The cover has a 4 star rating “To keep everything dry, place it on your lap. The bag measures 12″ tall, 7″ broad, and 19” long “across at the bag’s widest point The Studded Touring Saddlebag has enough room to hold a Fox Creek Leather Classic I Jacket in size 60, which is not included. It’s a 1.4-1.6mm jacket weighing about 10 pounds. The rear of the pack is an ABS-reinforced conveyor belt rubber for additional protection. These saddle bags are stitched with Anefil bonded nylon thread to size 207 industrial strength.

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The design of these Touring leather motorcycle saddlebags are Custom-Built with a tank access hole for the passenger and additional electrical outlet for powering your GPS, tools, or other accessories. Keep your things safe with 4 locking latches and 2 automatic locking straps. The studding adds a bit of flash, but also has the added benefit of protecting your paint from getting scratched.


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