UGG Womens Turn Cuff Glove

Encased in a sleek, yet cozy sheepskin exterior, these gloves take on an edge with leather inserts and a fierce UGG logo to keep your hands warm and stylish. Ready for anything from snowball fights with friends to ice skating dates with loved ones, this is one pair of winter wear that won’t let you down.

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Further Product Information

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Warm up with these fashionable gloves that are just as well-protected as they are cute. Not only does this pair of genuine sheepskin, water resistant turn-up cuff gloves keep you nice and warm on the outside, but the genuine leather UGG logo license plate means your love for our company endures on the inside. Plus, what’s not to love about mittens that come together in a satisfyingly tight little fist? So whether you’re looking for a stylish new way to stay warm or interested in adding some flair from our favorite brand, make these glories your go-tos today!

And remember: You never get one mitten off before snagging the other mitten on something. If you’re going to be a child who’s hands are in constant danger of getting caught on things, might as well do it while looking good!

If all else fails, turn your gloves into makeshift hand puppets and give them voices so they can tell people how cold their fingers are from the inside when you take off your mittens.


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