US Forge Leather Welding Apron

Our 42 Inch Bib Aprons are hardworking and ready for outdoor activities like grilling, welder in the garage, moving branches around in the yard, and more. The bib apron is made of solid side-splits cowhide that offers excellent comfort and heat resistance. Our self-balancing strap system allows comfortable, even weight distribution to allow for longer work sessions.

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Further Product Information

Made of side split cowhide, this 42-inch Bib Apron provides great comfort, heat, flame, and abrasion resistance. The self-balancing strap system ensures that the user’s weight is distributed evenly, and the Double T90 5 ply Kevlar stitching and riveted stress areas add to the longevity. Metal -inch D-inch rings at the chest pocket and waist for ease.