Volt Women’s Heated Snow Gloves

Are your fingers always cold when you’re in the snow? It’s not uncommon, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Now you can keep warm all winter with Volt Women’s Heated Snow Gloves. These gloves are ideal for the cold Canadian climate- keeping your hands toasty while also adding a bit of colour to an otherwise drab season. What else makes these gloves so special? They have 3 hours of heat per charge and rechargeable technology. That means either you or someone else in need will never be left without heat! The charger is 110V/220V compatible and the proper adapter is all it will take to charge using 220V.

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Further Product Information

We know how painful it can get wearing gloves in the winter. It’s no surprise that during a week of snow, 57% of women experienced lingering wrist problems after a tough day of work and play! Now you can stay warm while still using your hands with these heated gloves from volt. Made for women who love to be outdoors year-round, our Volt gloves will keep your fingers flexible enough to shovel or text without any fear of frostbite. That means there is finally one new winter trend we won’t have to worry about next year. In fact, this season will be too cold before you’ll have time to turn them on! The voltage recharging system is also compatible with 220V systems so all you need is an adapter plug and you’ll be ready to go. If you are looking for gloves that work better than the average, but won’t break the bank look no further! They have a 12V battery system so they can function with most vehicles and will heat up quickly in just five minutes.


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