Waylander Leather Welding Apron

Our leather apron for welding is a perfect combination of durability and dress. This apron is handmade from the highest quality bridle cowhide and features two large roomy pockets for storing all of your tools and accessories, 6 tool holders for all you need while working, and 4 additional smaller pockets to hold your smaller things. Also has two inside compartments to give you extra room to store your frequently used items. This welding shop apron is adjustable in size with buckle straps at the neck, waist, and arm.

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Further Product Information

WELDING LEATHERS: We utilize premium quality A separated cowhide leather extremely resistant to sparks, splatter, heat, and slag. Then, to guarantee your safety, we strengthen that barrier with robust, heat-resistant Kevlar weaving.
Robust & Comfy: The men’s work apron is made of thick, split leather that provides great heat and flame resistance and complete coverage of the upper body and thigh. While the sparks fly, our open-back design keeps you cool, and the padded sleeves are much comfier on short sleeves than raw leather.
ACCESSIBILITY: The back of the apron has a unique cross strap design that makes it simpler to put on and remove off than those with conventional straps.
WELDING SUPPLIES POCKETS: We didn’t forget about the small things. Therefore two big bib pockets were included for quick access to your welding equipment and accessories.
MULTI-PURPOSE PROTECTION: Our high-duty leather apron may be used for more than just welding; it also works well as a general industrial apron, a blacksmith or machining apron, or even a grilling apron.