WOLVERINE Men's Floorhand 10" Waterproof Steel-Toe Wellington Boot


The WOLVERINE Men’s Floorhand 10″ Waterproof Steel-Toe Wellington Boot is perfect for the man who wants a tough, reliable boot that will keep his feet safe and dry. These boots are made of 100% leather and have a rubber sole to provide traction and durability. They also come with a steel toe to protect your feet from dangerous workplace accidents.

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To keep your feet comfortable, this waterproof work boot features a removable full-cushioned footbed and a rubber midsole. Wolverine, a venerable American company founded in 1883 in Rockford, Michigan, uses only the highest-quality materials and employs only the most skilled craftsmen. Comfortable and durable, Wolverine boots are built to withstand the most grueling conditions. Patented technologies like Wolverine Contour Welt and Wolverine MultiShox have made them one of the most innovative footwear companies in the world today. They have also made it their mission to constantly improve their products through research and development.


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