Women’s Leather Bracelets

It is so true that the majority of ladies love wearing clothing accessories that complement with their style. That’s why it’s important to know more about leather bracelets for women. The bracelets are designed and manufactured objects that are placed on the wrists and knees, for that situation they are called knee braces, to function as an ornament.

Leather concept

Leather is the fabric that covers the muscles of animals, the word comes from the Latin corium , which can mean two things: animal skin or tanning.

There are two characteristics that make leather special:

  • Resistance
  • Flexibility

For leather to become the raw material for the production of different products, the first thing that leatherworkers do, people who work with leather, is to separate the skin from hair or wool.

One of the areas most used by leather is the clothing industry, especially in two very casual products:

  • Warm clothing
  • Shoes

But this will be an exception because we will talk about the leather bracelet for women, an item used by ladies.

Outstanding bracelets

To know more about the leather bracelet for women, it is important to highlight the great variety that exists in the market and those that stand out among so many offers.

Double trapped

Here we will see a leather bracelet for women very desired by many. It is a 2-turn with a brown base and the center segment is bathed in gold and rectangular design. It has a length of 15 centimeters (cms).

Those who wear this kind of leather bracelet for women say that it has an original design and provides a tendentious and fun in the daily clothing.

Love Fellings

This is another leather bracelet for women very chosen by the ladies. This adornment of 16 cm in length has a base of brown color and closing in the form of button integrated by parts bathed in silver and crystals of craftsmanship.

This piece includes tiny dragonflies, protagonists of the collection called Sweetness, and a piece in the shape of a tube in its central segment.

A very dear leather bracelet because it is entirely handmade.

Strong Fellings

It comes in the same style of leather bracelet for women as the one explained above. This bracelet has a length of about 16 cm. It also has 6 laps with a strong brown base.

The bracelet is accompanied by pieces bathed in silver: the central tube together with the handmade crystals with pastel colors that give light to the jewel. To conclude on this product, wear a button presentation closure.

Musaventura Florence Champagne

A very striking leather bracelet for women. This is a piece of high costume jewelery. It has an exact length of 20 centimeters. It does not carry any piece of metal.

It is not adjustable. It carries no more than 60 tiny gems embedded with a weight no more than 1 carat.


Another of the leather bracelets for women that show an interesting design. It refers to a set of three individual bracelets.

Two of the three bracelets are made of stone and the last one is made of genuine leather with a steel clasp. The piece can have a high resistance because it has embedded a hard rubber band.

It also has a high flexibility in the way it can be carried. The user can choose how many turns the women’s leather bracelet can have. \

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