Men's Designer Leather Weekend Bag

Looking for a weekend bag that will make you stand out from the rest? Woosir has just what you need! Our designer leather weekend bag is made of 100% genuine leather and features a beautiful vegetable tanning process. It’s also durable, flexible, and recyclable – perfect for eco-conscious shoppers like you. Plus, it comes with brass buckles, buttons, and foot nails for extra durability. And if that wasn’t enough, the Interior structure includes a main storage compartment and 1 zippered pocket to help keep your belongings organized. So why wait? Give Woosir a try today!

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A vegetable tanning method is used to create this duffle bag, which helps to keep the natural properties of the leather while making it flexible and durable. The leather used in this duffle bag is 100 percent genuine leather. It is both environmentally friendly and recyclable. Made with high-quality thread and reinforced with brass buckles and buttons for long-lasting sturdiness. Because there are five metal foot nails at the bottom of the bag, you won’t have to worry about the bag becoming soiled when it’s placed on the ground.

The product has the following dimensions: 55 L x 25 W x 30 H cm. Top hand holds include a durable and smooth zipper, as well as magnetic buttons. Interior organization includes a large storage section, one zipper pocket, and two patch pockets. The smooth texture and rich/natural appearance of this leather purse are achieved by the use of vegetable oil. It contains an adjustable shoulder strap as well as a handle, which allows for a variety of carrying possibilities. It is not necessary to search any farther if you want a duffel bag that does more than just function as a suitcase.



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