About Us

We’re passionate about leather…could you tell? From the feel, to the weight, to the way it takes the shap of your body. All items are much better in leather.

A timeless fashion, leather matures, as the years go by, as you do. Appearing as unique as the individual who wears it along with a trademark of personalised taste.

Our Brand Persona

Horizon Leathers is a leather goods and clothing company with a passion for adventure and a commitment to live a simpler lifestyle. We respect the forgotten art of learning a new business and hard labour with your hands. Therefore we strive to offer leather products, that provide value to daily experiences for men and women.

Leather manufacturing is a long and complex procedure, which has to be conducted carefully and precisely. The procedure will begin with an animal hide, and finish with a piece of leather ready to be made into a bag, garment, or other leather product. 

Horizon Leathers is the “e-boutique” of leather goods created by leather artisans and producers worldwide, and made by hand using traditional low environmental impact methods. Our artisans create products that will last generations and allow customers to fully develop their creativity, while choosing from a wide variety of colours, materials, finishes, and styles.

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Handcrafted, well-made, unique and enduring

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Trendy, classic and fashionable design

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Excellent range and amazing value each time

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Assertive, confident. with a bit of an edge