Genuine Leather Multi Pocket Backpack For Men

This rugged and stylish Genuine Leather Multi Pocket Backpack is perfect for men on the go! With plenty of pockets to store all your essentials, this backpack is perfect for traveling, commuting, or even just everyday use. The high-quality cow leather construction ensures durability, while the silver metal hardware provides a touch of elegance.

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Depending on the country, we will use a variety of couriers to ensure that our customers get their items in a safe and timely manner. TIME ALLOWED FOR Free Delivery: 6-8 business days.

This Genuine Leather Multi Pocket Backpack is perfect for men who need a stylish and functional bag. It features multiple pockets, including a magnet pocket and zipper pockets on the front, sides, and back. The backpack also has a large zipper pocket to hold all your belongings securely. It’s made of durable cow leather with silver metal hardware for an attractive look.

Item Features

  • Cow leather is used to make the backpack. Antioxygenic silver metal hardware is included.
  • 13.8 x 7.9 x 15/35cm x 20cm x 38cm
  • Dimensions (L*W*H): 13.8 x 7.9 x 15/35cm x 20cm x 38cm
  • The net weight is about 1.80 kg.
  • Structure: On the front, there are two zipper pockets and one magnet button pocket.
  • On both sides, there are two zipper pockets and two magnet pockets.
  • On the back, there is a huge zipper pocket. 2 closures with zippers on the interior to access compartments (can accommodate 13-15 inch laptop) On one side of the internal wall, there is a zipper pocket.
  • 1 packing package + 1 smartphone pocket On the opposite side, 1 laptop is held.
  • Another closure has a wall pocket within it.

Item Details

Zipper closing for security is a one-of-a-kind design. Straps that may be adjusted to fit on the back and over the shoulders. Your motto is “comfort and style.” You want to live a hands-free existence without sacrificing your flair. You believe in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and your bags, like your thoughts, are devoid of clutter.

This genuine leather black backpack easily accommodates the 13- 15 inch laptop| iPad| A4 file| iPhone6s Plus| wallet| cosmetics| and other daily items| suitable to use as a daily backpack for school| travel| business| or sports.

Care Instructions

* Our items are built to last a lifetime.
Please clean the leather with a delicate cotton cloth and leather wax to avoid damaging the leather| leather items should not be cleaned in water.
Avoid prolonged contact with acid and alkaline substances | corrosive substances| oil; Avoid direct contact with sharp and hard objects or friction;
To avoid becoming overweight or overloaded;
If the leather becomes moist, it should be air-dried or dried with a warm breeze.
When making a long-term collection of leather| a moisture agent should be inserted inside the leather| and then packed in a plastic bag and kept in a cool area.

6 reviews for Genuine Leather Multi Pocket Backpack For Men

  1. Janice W

    Incredibly well-liked by my spouse!

  2. Tranberri

    A. Holtz Leather backpack of high quality. Zippers of excellent quality. It’s just right. Wearing it on my back is quite comfortable. It’s a great look.

  3. SANDY

    As a result of the outbreak, this product is ideal for mobile barbers.

  4. A. Holtz

    This is such a gorgeous bag. I love how it turned out… Perfect for both the office and a night out on the town. Straps and cushioning make this backpack quite comfortable to wear. Like how the pockets are arranged and designed. Keep it up!

  5. Sea Sea

    That’s a very great touch. Besides, it’s nice to look at.

  6. Bobbie Lee

    What a great bag! Even when it’s full, it’s easy to carry. It seems to be well-made and stylish.

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