Women's Leather Jackets

Women’s leather jackets have revolutionized women’s clothing in a major and thrilling way. Whether you’re looking for a tight-fitting, yet stylish leather jacket for strolling the streets of your neighbourhood or a biker jacket that will turn heads at the next bike expo, you’re sure to find the perfect fit with Horizon Leathers. With an exquisite range of leathers and detailed stitching, we are creating some of the highest-quality leather jackets around.

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Woman Leather Jacket Style Guide

Beauty, comfort, and timeless fashion don't come at the expense of versatility – a woman's leather jacket can provide all three. Designed with a comfortable and flattering fit, our women's leather motorcycle jacket features a zip-out quilted vest liner to keep you warm on chilly days, making it just as versatile as it is stylish. Pair it with jeans and boots for an easygoing weekend look, or dress up to create a more formal outfit. With dozens of colours to choose from, you're sure to find one that speaks to your personal style.

How should women's leather jacket fit?

The best-fitting women's leather jacket will be skimming over the silhouette, not tight (or loose); the longer length of a jacket would help cover hips. In addition, it is good to know that leather jackets for women are more fitted than blazers for men, so please use your blazer size as a reference point.

Are leather jackets still in fashion?

Yes…and we've got the best variety so that you can find your perfect match. These gorgeous leather jackets, cardis, and coats will add a dash of style to any outfit, from classic black to autumnal browns and rich navy blues. Look the part in a biker, bomber or moto jacket – perfect for pairing with skinny jeans or a mini skirt for a fashionable city look – or keep it cosy with puffer jackets and gilets.

Should leather jackets be tight or loose?

There are several schools of thought on this topic, but the most important factor is how well the jacket fits you. A leather jacket should be tight enough that it doesn't flap in the wind when you're moving, but not so tight that it restricts your movements or feels uncomfortable while you're riding.

What season do you wear leather jackets?

Leather jackets are an essential item every season. Though most of us consider autumn and spring the most popular seasons to wear leather jackets, it is actually all year round. In wintertime, you should pick a warm jacket made out of fur or sheepskin, while in summer, it is best to choose one that is not too heavy and does not make you sweat.

Do leather jackets stretch or shrink?

Leather jackets stretch and shrink slightly. If the leather is too tight, or you prefer a slimmer fit, try one smaller size. If you find your leather jacket is a little on the larger side, try one bigger size. Consider that wearing layers underneath a leather jacket can cause it to be slightly tighter than normal.

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