Leather Pants For Women

In the last year leather pants for women have become very fashionable. Becoming one of the most used garments. Our women’s leather pants are of the highest quality. They will give you that flexibility that you like so much and you can take them for the day to day without worries.

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Leather Pants

Skinny leather pants are elegant and will facilitate the combination of clothing. In addition, they will enhance your figure to unsuspected limits and to be able to play with the forms you can easily combine with it. For example, with an over-sized sweater, a normal shirt or an elegant shirt.

What makes women's leather pants so versatile?

Comfort, elegance and being able to combine it practically with all your clothes. In addition, they look great with any footwear such as sneakers, heels, boots or platforms. They will adapt perfectly to any look and you will go out day or night. Thus facilitating the task of choosing clothes. One of the best clothes that you can combine with your leather pants will be a fur coat. And although you do not believe it, the latter is one of the most used looks. They will be good for winter days, since they will provide you with the perfect heat so you do not get cold. You will attract all eyes and you can walk down the street like a true fashion star.

I dare or I do not dare?

You may think that our leather pants will not fit you because you have never dared to wear them, they will not adapt to your curves. It's not like that because our women's leather pants made by master leather craftsmen will adapt perfectly to the shape of your body.

In our wide range of women's leather pants you can find different styles and colors. From the classic brown or black leather to pants with bright colors and impressive prints to surprise your friends.

Do not hesitate, you do not have to waste your time looking for big stores or expensive stores. Our leather pants are ideal for your pocket does not suffer and you can boast your wonderful figure.

Some rules for wearing stylish leather pants for women

One of the concerns that every woman has when wearing leather pants is knowing how to wear it. These pieces are considered best to be used night outs, however when combined correctly you can use it during the day. Follow step by step these rules that we bring you and dare to go out with leather pants without fear of what they will say.

10 Tips For Wearing Leather Pants Both Day and Night

  • Choose to wear a totally black look Combine this piece with clothes that balance the style, for example, wear a plain sweater, a woolen cloth coat that looks like dresses, this will give you style and accentuate your legs, as well as being quite comfortable.
  • Contrast styles Choose to wear leather pants with a classic shirt and plain jacket. If you are not very tall, use shirts that cover your butt, create the illusion that you are longer.
  • Guitar silhouetteIf you choose a totally black look, you can enhance your figure with the help of a belt to better define the part of your waist. To create the illusion of lengthening your waist, use a blouse with V-shaped neckline and you'll look like a super attractive guitar.
  • Perfect duo, camel and black These two pieces together make an infallible combination that will make you look elegant. When using a camel coat you will not have to resort to accessories that complement, as the garment alone will do all the bringing and will be the center of attention.
  • Wear comfortable shoesWear your pants with classic tennis to create a contrast between elegant and chic. This alternative is fashionable lately and many of the fashion bloggers recommend it. In addition to looking elegant, you'll feel comfortable wherever you go.
  • Winter socks and boots A combination that does not fail is a warm look for the winter season, enhances your appearance, and you can combine it with a white wallet with bright details.
  • The winter season is for many a season in which they prefer to be sheltered rather than sophisticated, this should not be an excuse, dare to look beautiful in any situation.
  • Women's leather pants for formal eventsIn combination with a jacket, women's leather pants can be an essential alternative for events where you should look elegant. In the bottom of the coat you can put on a light blouse that when you take off the jacket allows you to keep looking good.
  • Denim jacket Create a rock style from the combination of these two garments, highlight the inner part with a lace top or some transparency. Fold the sleeves of your jacket to give a different style.
  • Flats and leather, perfect matchThis combination is great, especially if they are two-color. They will provide comfort to support the activities of the daily routine, also creates a chic style. They will help balance with the combination of colors you choose.
  • Uses the texture of patent leatherThe leather pants for women are really eye-catching pieces, but if you want to look chic, combine them with a top and very feminine shoes, the patent leather footwear is an excellent option. It completely avoids the phosphorescent colors, since it outlines all the style.

Follow each of these ten rules and stay in style at all times. Dare and do not stay with the desire.

Leather Leggings

Leather leggings are always a good option to combine at certain times when you do not know what to wear. Are you tired of wearing those jeans every day and want to change your style? We have the solution. If you want to change your outfit because your look is always similar to the previous day, our wide variety of leggings will make that change. You’ve always thought that some leggings would not be too wearable for you or they would not fit in your closet. Well, we’re sure that it’s not like that, because you’ll be able to get the game that you’ve never taken your figure and make you look even more attractive.

This garment has become a trend, appearing in well-known fashion shows and worn by many fashion bloggers and gurus. In particular, the black leather effect leggings will be a great ally for you when you do not know what to wear. Those days when your wardrobe drives you crazy and you see a closet full of “nothing to wear”.

But not only are you going to try them, since the first time you put them on will be like a discovery for you. They will become an indispensable garment in your wardrobe and will give you that versatility to combine it with different looks and give joy to your life.

Why put on some leggings?

In addition to being able to combine your leggings with everything, they will be super comfortable since the leather is very elastic and will adapt perfectly to your figure.

In our range of leggings you will find a wide variety. They are perfect to wear with your oversized sweaters, shirts or shirts. You can even combine it with a leather jacket to give your outfit that rock look you like so much.

The leather leggings of Zara and Calzedonia may look very nice, but you may not be willing to spend that fortune on something that still does not convince you. That’s why we give you the opportunity to have leather effect leggings of the highest quality and at a more than reasonable price for you to indulge yourself.

The new trend of leather leggings invades all

As part of the season the latest trends have come to light. The most fashionable pieces of the moment are based on these elements that artists of the stature of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have imposed as indispensable.

This type of garment is not only made of shiny leather, but can be seen in different finishes. A recommendation by fashion consultants is to wear with simple tops or with a sweater tied to the waist.

The story behind the leather leggins

In recent times we have been able to observe how fashions are once again trends, this process is repeated often only when they reappear in a reinvented way. However, there is a piece that has lasted over time and that by great versatility is present in the lockers of all women.

We refer to the so chosen leather leggings and to know a little more about its history we invite you to read the following lines.

14th Century

To the surprise of many the first leggings had their origin in Scotland in the middle of the 14th century. Men wore this tight garment was a typical dress among the military of that time. Each leg was made separately with leather or metal mesh materials.

19th century

They were a trend that predominated among men just arrived in the 19th century, specifically in the year 1950. The star Audrey Hepburn left everyone shocked when she wore tight pants with fine fabric, very different from the fashion of that time of wide pants style flared

Leather leggins decade by decade

Year 1960

After the invention of the lycra fabric in 1958 by the chemist Joseph Shivers, hundreds of women of the time began to fill their trouser closet of that style that the textile industry produced in an interrupted manner.

Year 1970

These pieces during this decade became the plus of any iconic girl, after the actress and singer Olivia Newton-John appeared with a leather leggings in the movie Grease, where she wore some incredible tight pants made of that material.

Year 1980

The euphoria of the leggins continued to be successful and some famous artists resorted to its use, such is the case of Madonna who used this piece in every show or music video of her authorship.

Year 1990

In this decade the leather leggings were beginning to stop being a trend, but just an apparition of the model Cindy Crawford in Life magazine fired again this fashion that came from the hand of the jersey fabric.

Year 2000, new millennium

Nicole Richie, the Olsen sisters, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, resumed this fashion and made simple combinations from the leather leggings.


Celebrities of the stature of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner show combinations from these pieces where the protagonist is the leather leggins . From these they get incredible outfits that can be used even when doing sports.

Ways to combine leather leggings

  • Leather leggins with denim

It is one of the combinations that has been more imposed in recent months and serves for casual outings during the week. Combine your leggings with a denim jacket style or with a denim shirt.

  • Leather leggings with oversize jersey

This combination creates a magnificent look for the cold days. Create a versatile style that gets along very well with ballet shoes or sports shoes of Adidas brands.

  • Leather leggins with shirts

Being a piece that goes tight to the body, leggings look better with loose shirts among those that look better in white shiffon fabric or checkered design in the style of a lumberjack.


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