Men’s Crossbody Crazy Horse Leather Sling Bag

This is the perfect sling bag for men on the go! It’s made of durable, genuine leather and features multiple compartments and pockets for all your essentials. The shoulder strap is adjustable, so it can be tailored to fit you perfectly, and there’s even a free gift included!

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Depending on the country, we will use a variety of couriers to ensure that our customers get their items in a safe and timely manner. TIME ALLOWED FOR Free Delivery: 6-8 business days.

This vintage leather sling bag is perfect for daily use or trips. It has one cell phone pocket, one main compartment, and one back zipper pocket. You can also store sunglasses, credit cards, earphones, and other small stuff in the two front zipper pockets. The shoulder strap is adjustable to fit different body sizes and even includes a gift – a crazy horse leather coin purse!

What is Crazy Horse Leather?

Crazy Horse Leather is a type of leather with a unique finish and texture. It ages naturally and gradually develops an antique patina, giving it a beautiful look. This leather is highly resistant to abrasion, making it a perfect choice for furniture and bags like briefcases, backpacks and luggage.

Crazy Horse Leather can also be used in jackets, boots, and other accessories. While this material might initially cost more than most other types of leather, it will last longer, providing superior protection against wear and tear – making the extra cost worth it in the end.

Leather Care Instructions (PLEASE READ!)

Caring for leather goods is a must if you want them to last. That’s why our products are designed for the long haul, but that’s no reason not to practice proper care instructions.

  • First, use a soft cotton cloth and leather wax to clean the surface – never submerge it in water, as this will cause damage. It’s also essential to avoid prolonged exposure to rain, acid and alkaline substances, oil, sharp or hard objects and friction.
  • Furthermore, try not to overload with weight and be sure to air dry it immediately in case of dampness.
  • Lastly, when storing leather items for long-term especially, consider adding moisture-preventative agents inside the bag or container before sealing and storing it in an area that’s cool and dry.

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So if you’re searching for a timeless accessory with a classic look, consider investing in a leather backpack for men that will make your daily commutes more stylish and comfortable than ever!


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