Designer Vegetable Tanned Weekender Leather Bag

This Woosir Designer Vegetable Tanned Weekender Leather Bag is perfect for weekend trips! Made of high-quality vegetable tanned leather, this bag features a spacious capacity and several pockets for organizing your belongings. The removable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry, and the riveted bottom ensures durability. Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, this weekender bag is a must-have!

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This Woosir Designer Vegetable Tanned Weekender Leather Bag is perfect for all your weekend getaway needs! Roomy and stylish, it’s made of high-quality vegetable tanned leather and can be used as a carry-on luggage bag. So go ahead and pack everything you need for a relaxing weekend away!

Item Features

– 1 x Slot Pocket
– 1 x Interior Zipper Pocket
– 2 x Side Zipper Pockets
– Removable Shoulder Strap
– Genuine Leather & Durable
– 1 x Front Zipper Pocket
– 1 x Layer Pouch
– 1 x Main Compartment
– 5 x Rivets on the Bottom

Item Details

*Closure Type: Zipper
*Style: Vintage
*Size: L50 *W31 *H33(CM)
*Material: Vegetable Tanned Genuine Leather
*Item Type: Travel Bag
*Color: Coffee/ Light Brown/ Black

Care Instructions

Vegetable-tanned leather may endure for decades with careful maintenance. And much like a quality whiskey, the more time you spend with it, the more precious it becomes. Unlike chrome-tanned leather, most vegetable-tanned leather is not pre-treated with oils or waxes. The fibers will stiffen and shrink when they come into contact with water. For the first month or two of usage, keep vegetable tanned leather out of the water to enable the leather fibers to relax and absorb oils to boost its inherent water-resistant properties.

You should avoid using any kind of heat gun or blow dryer on veg tanned leather, since it is very sensitive to heat and may break when heated to severe degrees.

We suggest using a soft lint-free cloth and your fingertips to massage a little amount of the leather balm into the leather every few months. Using a little amount, work it into the leather in delicate circles. By replacing the vital oils and waxes, you can nurture and restore the sheen of your veg leather.

Every year, we suggest utilizing our leather oil and cleaner kit to thoroughly clean and sanitize the leather to return it to its original beauty.

What is Vegetable Tanned Leather?

Most leather goods are tanned with chromium sulfate, which can be harmful to the environment. Vegetable-tanned leather is tanned with natural ingredients like tree bark and plant oils. This makes it a more sustainable option, and also gives it a unique look and feel. Our selection of vegetable-tanned leather goods come from artisans all over the world, so you can be sure that your purchase supports sustainable practices and helps to preserve traditional craftsmanship.


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