Vintage Men's Leather Duffle Bag

Looking for a vintage-inspired leather duffle bag that will last for years to come? Look no further than Woosir’s beautiful, sturdy option made from crazy horse leather. It features strong stitching, ages well, and comes with a detachable shoulder strap for easy transport. Plus, it’s available in light brown or dark coffee so you can find the perfect color for your style.

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Looking for a bag that will last you for years to come? Look no further than Woosir’s Vintage Mens Leather Duffle Bag. Made from natural, thick Italian Crazy Horse Leather, this bag is sure to age well and last long. It comes with shoulder straps and a handle for easy transport, plus five rivets at the bottom for added durability. And if you need to take it on the go, it also has a trolley sleeve design.

Item Features

– Trolley Sleeve Design
– Detachable Shoulder Strap
– 2 x Side Zipper Pockets
– 1 x Main Compartment
– 1 x Front Pocket
– 5 x Rivets at the Bottom
– 1 x Interior Zipper Pocket
– Genuine Leather & Durable
– 3 x Slot Pockets
– 1 x Back Pocket

Item Details

*Item Type: Leather Duffle Bag
*Material: Crazy Horse Leather
*Size: L22.44 *W10.24 *H10.24(inch)
*Color: Light Brown
*Closure Type: Zipper
*Style: Vintage

What is Crazy Horse Leather?

The First Layer Cow Leather is made by the raw skin of cows. The surface has small pores, clear texture, and has good natural characteristics. It’s not only used comfortable but also has the following features:
1) good breathability
2) heat dissipation
3) sweat absorption
4) moisture-proof
Belonging to superior leather, manufactured into products will be very durable.

Maintenance Tips

It is our goal to provide things that will endure a long period.

In order to protect the leather, we ask that you use a cotton cloth and leather wax to clean your leather items.
Avoid exposing leather to rain over lengthy periods of time;
Refrain from coming into touch with caustic, acidic, or basic chemicals;
To avoid injury from contact with hard or pointy objects, keep your hands away from them.
Immediately dry leather that has become moist by air-drying or drying it with a warm breeze.
Long-term storage of leather requires adding a moisture agent to the leather and sealing it in a plastic bag. The leather should then be kept in a cold, dry location.


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