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Leather Briefcases For Men

We’re passionate about leather…could you tell? From the feel to the weight to the way it takes the shape of your body. All items are much better in leather.

A timeless fashion, leather matures, as the years go by, as you do. Appearing as unique as the individual who wears it along with a trademark of personalized taste.

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Large-capacity leather briefcases

You can find standard cases that are of the highest capacity and in which you can easily put your laptop, documents, among other things. In addition, you will find many types of colors, such as black leather and brown briefcases. And very diverse prices, from cheap leather briefcases to more expensive ones.

It fulfills the function of a briefcase and shoulder bag as it incorporates handles. It is of good quality, with double pockets.

It is lined on the inside of the resistant fabric and has pockets where you can store essentials. It has standard measures of 48x28x17 and is comfortable for both men and women.

You can also find small leather or portfolio-size briefcases. These are mainly used to store and transport documents safely.

And if you are not worth either, we have an intermediate-range attached to leather briefcases. These also take a laptop but be careful not to carry too much weight.

If you still wonder why you should buy a leather briefcase, do not worry. You will quickly get out of doubt. Whether you are a businessman or woman, a university student, or a public official, a leather briefcase is never going to be leftover. On our website, we pride ourselves in offering you a wide range of briefcases, from vintage-style leather briefcases to more classic cases.

So do not hesitate, take a look at our models and buy the one you like the most. I’m sure you’ll love it, And you can start to envy everyone who sees you.

The trend of the leather briefcase never goes unnoticed

leather briefcase consists of a small narrow suitcase that is mostly used to store documents or laptops.

It is transported comfortably by a handle, although there is also the option to be carried using hanging straps. The briefcases are shown to the public so that their external appearance represents a lot in terms of aesthetics. Their care should be taken as a serious thing since the leather stays bright while it stays bright and has a better presence.

Types of leather briefcases

Among the variety of briefcases, you can see two ways:

  • Those that open frontally, in the style of a portfolio.
  • Those that open like a suitcase, with a zipper or with metal buttons.

Most leather briefcases have internal dividers that act as pockets to transport things neatly.

Expanding a little more the panorama can deepen the subject and mention more models.

  • Leather case with front opening

They are those that have the option to uncover and close the style of a portfolio, and its aesthetics is quite logical.

  • Classic leather briefcase

They are similar to a suitcase that can come with a zipper or with a metallic button; sometimes, it can bring the option to install a password through an analogous system.

  • Leather briefcase for documents

They are the most used for their minimalist appearance. They fulfill the function of transporting electronic items, such as Ipad or laptops. They are of excellent quality and provide elegance.

  • High shoulder bag for men

They are quite versatile, even more so than the previous one named. This can carry different items adapt to different occasions. It can be used as a gym bag or even to carry some books or notebooks. Its design is simple and consists of leather material with two handles for its grip.

  • Leather briefcase Meisterstuck

It belongs to the Montblanc line, and it is a piece of calf leather. This is an important mix between classic design and utility in a small space. It is manufactured with triple bellows and a compartment to locate the laptop. It also brings with it a detachable handle.

It has details made in steel and can keep your things protected by a combination.

The dimensions of this leather case are 42x32x 13.5 cm. This is undoubtedly one of the perfect options to take your work; it provides a more aesthetic and slender touch.

Leather briefcase by Adolfo Dominguez

It has a modern, minimalist design of a mixture of bovine leather and part of faux leather. This item looks just as good as a backpack and as a normal briefcase.

This is possible because it has removable handles that make it a backpack. It also has a triple magnet closure, and inside can accommodate laptops or document folders. Its measurements are 33x6x39 cm.

  • Leather briefcase for Goya document

This briefcase type belongs to the Loewe brand, and its “Business” collection is really wonderful. They can be found in different colors such as persimmon, blue, green, and classic brown.

It fulfills the function of a briefcase and shoulder bag as it incorporates handles. It is of good quality, with double pockets.

It is lined on the inside of the resistant fabric and has pockets where you can store essentials. It has standard measures of 48x28x17 and is comfortable for both men and women.