Leather Jackets: Types and Styles for Men

We’ve witnessed a lot of changes in menswear, particularly in the realm of men’s outerwear. Leather jackets, for example, have not only changed significantly but have also been ingeniously employed to bring out the finest in men’s fashion all over the globe. Among the many forms of leather jackets, some make intriguing use of leather entirely or as an addition to emphasizing key kinds of men’s jackets and coats.

In this article, we’ll look at several sorts of leather jackets and also distinct styles. That will assist you in making better-educated judgments the next occasion you go shopping for a leather jacket.

Men’s Leather Jackets Made of Various Types of Leather

When looking for a leather jacket, the sort of leather used is probably not the first thing on your mind. Neither did they inquire about the jacket’s specifics. While it’s reasonable that this hasn’t occurred to you right now, it’s still one of the most important things to think about before making a buy. It’s always advisable to check for any indicator of the sort of leather, regardless of the color or design of the jacket. Better better, inquire about leather being used since this will be beneficial in the long term, particularly when maintaining and keeping your leather jacket in good condition. Alternatively, certain leathers are recognized for acquiring a distinct patina over time, which certain leathers are recognized for more than others.

While it may appear to be a very straightforward and straightforward topic at first look, several aspects contribute to the various varieties of leather. We’ll go through some of the nicest and most often worn leather jackets below.

Depending on the animal, there are several types of leather

It’s one of the initial stages of identifying the many skin varieties that coat the animal from which the leather is extracted and manufactured.  Alligator, Cowhide, Frogs, Salmon, Deerskin, Kangaroos, Goatskin, Lizards, Elkskin, Ostriches, Buffaloskin, Sheepskin, Snakes, Pigskin, Lambskin and Horseskin,  are all examples.

Based on your selection, you’ll get a different kind of leather

One might also choose a kind of leather depending on the grain at this stage. This has an impact on the leather jacket’s appearance, feel, and weight. Inquiring about top-grain leather, full-grain leather, genuine leather, and bonded leather can aid you in making your leather jacket purchase.

Leather Type based on Finish

After you’ve decided on the kind of animal and grain, you may choose from various finishes to enhance the appearance and feel of your leather jacket.  Suede, Aniline, Pigmented Finish, Nubuck Leather, Semi-Aniline, Oily Pull-up Leather, Finished Split Leather, and Antique Grain Leather are some of the finishes available.

Fake Leather

As the name implies, Faux Leather is a leather-like artificial material that is less durable, soft, and supple than any other sort of leather. While it might have been included in the points above, this sort of leather is “fake” necessitates a separate section. This form of leather, also known as Vegan Leather, has recently become very popular to remedy the global problem of animal cruelty. While this approach is arguable, many people believe it is the lesser of two evils, while others believe the contrary. It’s reasonable to say that, despite its environmental hazards, it’s still a form of leather that’s widely accessible, making it a leather alternative in and of itself.

Best Leather Jacket Types for Men

Let’s move on to the men’s leather jacket designs that have revolutionized the way men think, feel, and dress in today’s world now that we’ve reviewed the many sorts of leather materials utilized in manufacturing leather jackets for men.

Biker Leather Jackets

Motorcyclist in leather jacket poses on chopper
While This would complete every man’s wardrobe without the need for a leather jacket, a Motorcycle Leather Jacket, in particular, is the ‘it’ style staple that is still relevant today. Cafe Racers and  Double Riders are two sub-sections of a particular kind of leather jacket for guys.

Double Riders

Distressed Brown Leather Biker Jacket
An off zipper front fastening meant to promote windproofing distinguishes this model of Men’s Trench Coats. Zipped cuffs, cropped body, shoulder epaulets, and slash pockets are all included. All of these factors add to the everlasting appeal of Double Riders, a classic style mainstay.

Cafe Racers

Lavendard Brown Leather Biker Jacket For Men

Cafe Racers, a subset of traditional Biker Leather Jackets, are distinguished by their trademark round collar, center-front zipper, and uncomplicated look. Interestingly, the name Cafe Racer was formed due to a fascinating historical account about young people who frequented cafes and were renowned for waiting for an occasion to challenge like-minded people to a motorbike race. Cafe Racer earned its name from a mixture of cafés and youthful racers.

Bomber Jackets in Leather

Men's Aaron Brown Leather Bomber Jacket
The traditional bomber leather jacket is characterized as a zipped leather jacket with front knitted cuffs and a belt. Men’s leather bomber jackets, also known as flight jackets, date back to WW1 and WWII when keeping fighter pilots and crew warm was critical. When flying at high elevations with uninsulated cockpits, this was extremely important. This leather jacket design has changed throughout time, and it is now available in a variety of colors, materials, and finishes.

Aviator Jackets

Leather Jackets: Types and Styles for Men 1
Aviator Jackets for men, like Bomber Jackets, have a long history, and both contribute to the growth of Leather Flight Jackets. Men’s Aviator Jackets are most closely connected with Shearling textiles with a wool lining, either whole or part. These jackets were no-brainer garments for their practicality, as they provided excellent warmth in subzero weather.

Leather Blazers

Leather Jackets: Types and Styles for Men 2
Blazers are one of the main elements that provide a firm basis for any man’s outfit. Blazers for men have changed throughout the years from their traditional navy blue color with brass buttons. The fact that it is now available in various colors and materials has had a big role in their progress. Men’s Leather Blazers are a style standard for any guy since leather is a globally popular material.


Mens Hooligan Black Leather Trench Coat

Trench coats were created primarily for Military Commanders and served as protective apparel during wartime. They were donned in the rain and bad weather, particularly while heading into the trenches. Men’s Trench-coats have grown from a strictly useful piece of outerwear to include Leather Trench-coats, which are distinguished by its trademark silhouette, which is frequently a knee-length, belted outerwear garment constructed of a water-proofed, textured fabric that is also insulted. The split sleeves and flaps provide even more complexity and complexity to this piece, which has become a symbol of status for many.

Jackets with hoods

Mens Highschool Black Leather Hooded Jacket

Who’d have guessed that adding a hoodie to a jacket would cause such a stir, completely altering how any style of clothing is worn? Hooded Jackets come in various styles and functions, and they may cover almost any sort of hooded jacket. Hooded Leather Jackets, in particular, have aided the advancement of this kind of jacket by providing both style and functionality, making it a wardrobe must-have for all men.

Vests made of leather

Leather Vest For Men

Fans of leather gear and those looking for a light taste of leather for their style update will love this option. Leather vests are as flexible as they are a welcome addition to any warm-weather wardrobe. A sleeveless, simplistically fashioned garment that may be used to create several styles. Leather vests come in various forms, including those with a button or zipper closure and those with no fastening at all. You may get them in various colors, sizes, and patterns, ranging from simple to country, with various additional possibilities in between.

Jackets for the winter (Fur, Shearling, and Windbreakers)

Winter jacket For Men

As the name implies, Winter Jackets are any garment or jacket specially made for the colder months. Windbreakers, as well as Fur and Shearling Jackets and Coats, are among them. These wardrobe essentials provide a utilitarian as well as an aesthetically pleasant role in menswear. Winter attire is just as much of a chance for fashionable improvements as any other season.


Leather Jackets: Types and Styles for Men 3

These thin fabric coats, also known as Windcheaters, withstand light rain and cold winds. Because it is a lightweight jacket, synthetic fabrics are often used. Windbreakers provide some warmth and come in various colors and the option of having a hood or a style with a removable hood.

Fur and Shearling

Fur and Shearling For Men

Although shearling and fur have a lengthy history of having a practical purpose, they have evolved to offer a lot of beauty to any appearance. Shearling is Sheepskin or Lambskin that has been sheared to create a short, clipped fur surface. This is mostly seen in winter apparel, when it is utilized to line the inner-shell of a jacket or coat or, better yet, to cover the whole item, including the hood entirely. Fur is the longer, matured Sheepskin or Lambskin fur that is utilized in the same way as Shearling is. You may wear these in various fashions, including Biker Jackets, Aviator Jackets, and Bomber Jackets.

Jackets made of suede

Brown Suede Sheriff Jacket
Suede Jackets are maybe one of the most popular types of outerwear in the world. Suede Jackets, like many other forms of leather jackets, have changed significantly. This is why they have attributes like timelessness, style, and adaptability, particularly since they have been reintroduced in a more modern light. Suede Jackets are now recognized for their luxurious appearance and feel while being one of the unlikely outerwear items that is easily damaged. Suede Jackets, even though they may readily absorb scents and liquids, resulting in discoloration due to their porous surfaces, increase demand and favor by the day.

Jackets made of nubuck

Nubuck Jackets are several methods to acquire a rich appearance because of their silky, high-end texture. They are often mistaken with Suede due to a few superficial similarities in look and feel. However, there are several distinctions between the two. In summary, Nubuck leather is more durable than Suede leather. It’s heat and water-resistant, for starters. Nubuck leather is made from the top grain of the animal hide. Perhaps this is why it is more durable than Suede. Nubuck is a fashionable material that is used not just for jackets but also for handbags. Using Nubuck to add panache to your ensemble makes styling a whole lot simpler.

Dusters made of leather

Leather Dusters
Leather Dusters were first created years ago to provide comfort and protection from the weather while traveling from an equestrian perspective to a more modern practical element. Like any other leather clothing style, Leather Dusters have changed with time, which would be why they are still popular today. Leather Dusters, like Leather Trench-coats, have a few design aspects in common, such as length and purpose of usage, but they also have notably distinct attributes. Leather straps that run around each leg to keep the coat in place, as well as a flap over the neck and shoulders for added protection, are just a few noticeable elements that distinguish Leather Dusters.

Coats with a single-breasted front

Black Petrillo Coat with a single-breasted front

Almost any clothing, including vests, blazers, jackets, and coats, may be styled with this aspect of fashion. Coats with a single column of fasteners and a tiny overlap of cloth are known as single-breasted coats. You may find single-breasted Coats, Single-breasted Blazers, and many other coats and jackets with a single-breasted style.

Coats with two breast pockets

Leather Jackets: Types and Styles for Men 4
Double-breasted coats and jackets, like their Single-breasted counterparts, are characterized by two parallel rows of buttons and a significantly greater overlap of cloth. It’s a common option for blazers and jackets, but You may also find it invests suits and overcoats. Coats and jackets with double-breasted fronts have a startlingly elegant design that lends themselves to easygoing elegance for all guys.

Coats and Jackets for Work

Chore Coats & Jackets for men are designed primarily for outdoor labor and feature a practical feature to safeguard the individual while performing labor outside. This might include physical labor such as farming, painting,  railroad work, or any other difficult activity that requires a lot of elbow grease. Gardening, home repairs, carpentry, masonry, and other ‘chores’ are some of the more modern applications for these jackets and coats. Heavy Twill, Denim, or Canvas is often used for these jackets and coats.

Varsity Jackets

Varsity Jacket
Varsity Jackets, sometimes known as Letterman Jackets, has a lengthy history. Many high schools across the globe have a strong sport and intellectual culture. Back in the day, there was little distinction between Varsity and Letterman Jackets due to various fabrics. Letterman Jackets, also known as Letterman Sweaters, were made of wool with leather between the sleeves and the body of the jacket. At the same time, Varsity Jackets were manufactured from wool with leather between the sleeves and the body of the jacket. However, as this style mainstay has evolved, the distinctions between the two have become more blurred. Varsity Jackets are known for their trademark ribbed band collars, as well as corresponding ribbed cuffs and waists. Still, history reveals that this was primarily a men’s design, with the inclusion of flaps that you could turn into a hood for women.

Jackets for truckers

Mens Ranchson Black Leather Shirt

Trucker Jackets, which are generally Trucker Jackets or jean jackets made of denim, are yet another masterpiece that dates back to the late nineteenth century. A jacket with a unisex design has become more popular among individuals of all ages. Many people believe that the invention of this sort of jacket was inspired by truck drivers back in the day. Trucker Jackets have remained a denim-based jacket design despite several alterations since its beginnings. These jackets are now available in various colors and washes and new finishes and washes, giving the design a subtle but perceptible update.

Puffer Jackets

These coats are sometimes known as Quilted Jackets, even though they are often referred to as Puffer Jackets. A jacket with visible quilting throughout the pattern accentuates ‘puffy’ portions between the stitching. For insulation, these puffy parts are often stuffed with down or, in certain instances, synthetic fibers. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, as well as a description of the down used. Or, in the case of synthetic fiber, the degree of warmth is still a major consideration for this sort of jacket.

Leather Jackets for Gaming

Gaming Leather Jackets, as the name implies, are outerwear influenced by games, particularly video games.  As a result, these jackets don’t have a single design and are worn by a broad range of gaming fans in some of the most distinctive leather coats and jackets conceivable. Batman, Super Girl, CyberPunk, Mass Effect, The Last of Us, Fallout, Resident Evil, and Far Cry are just a handful of the most well-known. Gaming Leather Jackets are not only great ideas for your forthcoming Halloween costume, but they can also be worn year-round by die-hard lovers of the gaming world.

Jackets for Fencing in Leather

These coats are modeled after those worn by competitive fencers. Asymmetrical zippers, similar to those seen on Double Rider Jackets, are a trademark feature. Leather Fencing Jackets are for you if you’ve ever believed that a motorcycle jacket’s zipper may be improved. The streamlined sleeves and pockets on this must-have wardrobe staple help to showcase the intricacy. The slim profile, simple design components, and a sense of futuristic flair all contribute to this being one of the greatest leather jackets to possess in 2021.

Track Jackets

Track Jackets will make more sense if you’re acquainted with Tracksuits, a matching trouser plus jacket pair designed for athletics and often worn by athletes. Track Jackets, like Tracksuits, are traditionally worn before and after competition and may be seen on practically everyone outside of athletics. Track Jackets have brought a distinctive aspect to street style, athleisure, and, in certain instances, grunge by being worn over various apparel styles. They have actually changed throughout time to ensure their relevance in today’s circumstances, providing everyone with both function and style.

Blouson jackets, often known as Harrington jackets, are a kind of jacket.

Harrington Jackets, also known as Blouson, were formerly known as G9 or Baracuta Jackets. They are lightweight outerwear garments. These jackets are made from cotton, polyester, wool, or suede and have a simple design, while patterned lining, such as Tartan, is prevalent on a select jacket model. The advent of such jackets in pop culture over the previous several decades has aided in their metamorphosis and appeal across many age groups.

Parka Jackets

Parka Jackets, also described as Anorak Jackets, have a long history tied to usefulness, just like any other outerwear style. In icy conditions, such as those seen in the Arctic area, a hooded, pullover fur coat is ideal for activities like hunting and kayaking. Originally, these coats were made of caribou and sealskin. For water resistance, certain Inuit Anorak Jackets, in particular, need to be coated with Fish Oil regularly. This hip-length jacket has been given a contemporary makeover, with the modern Parka made of synthetic, water-resistant material. This is mostly utilized in activities like skiing and is stuffed with Goose or Duck down for warmth.

Leather Peacoats

While traditional Peacoats are tied to the Marine corps in respect of origin, the history of this iconic garment has seen a huge variation in colors, length, and hardware, and fabrics such as leather through time. Peacoats’ detail and design are undeniably the same; nonetheless, many people are satisfied with a revised fashion upgrade to this bygone age.

Jackets from Crombie & Fitch

Crombie Jackets and Coats were first introduced by the British business ‘Crombie’ and included a three-quarter-length coat with a contrasting color velvet collar. Crombie Jackets and Coats are still as luxurious as they were back in the day. Winston Churchill, The Beatles, and Cary Grant all wore them, while George VI wore the Double-breasted Peak version. Crombie Jackets & Coats should, of course, be on your shortlist the next time you’re looking for a classic, timeless coat.

Duffle Coats

Duffel Coats are constructed of a thick, generally coarse woolen cloth called ‘Duffel.’ The name comes from the Belgian town of Duffel. Throughout the 1850s, this traditionally hooded piece of clothing with toggles became quite popular in Europe. Nevertheless, by the 1890s, they had been given to the British Navy. Following WWII, these coats were labeled as government surplus, and they found their way into civilian clothing, including that worn by students. Duffle coats come in a broad range of colors, coat lengths, and features nowadays. Duffle Bags, on the other hand, are constructed of identical Duffel material.

To Sum Up the Different Types of Leather Jackets

So there you have it: a point-by-point breakdown of the various types of leather coats and jackets based on skins and hides, finishes, and selection, not to mention the many styles that are often deeply rooted in history, being either introduced throughout a world event, achievements that have changed the course of time, or reinventions that showcase themes from a bygone era. Regardless matter how you look at it, leather jackets have forever transformed the way we think about men’s fashion, particularly high-quality leather coats that are truly timeless classics.

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