What Is Crazy Horse Leather?

Since the leather for horse saddles is also known as Saddle Leather, Crazy Horse Leather is an example of a distinctive leather kind that sticks out from the others.

Definition of Crazy Horse Leather:

Crazy Horse Leather is high-quality, full-grain leather. The real leather used to make Crazy Horse Leather is produced from the thickest, strongest, most durable full-grain cowhide, ensuring it will survive years of hard usage and abuse. A full-grain cowhide will only become more distinguished with age. The toughest and most resilient leather is whole grain cow leather.

A great investment in owning a bag that lasts a long time decides to buy a Crazy Horse Leather Bag. These Full Grain bags are very robust and will endure the test of time. Full-grain natural cowhide is the only 100% natural leather on the market that has been processed to be the toughest and most durable.

The natural cowhide used to make crazy horse leather is sourced from a 100% naturally derived cowhide of the highest grade. Once the cowhide has been buffed and smoothed, the surface is covered with a specific kind of wax that imparts distinct traits and attributes from any leather. With this process, the coated area’s friction changes its color and tone.

Once the leather has been treated with a particular kind of wax, it is treated with full-grain cowhide. Nevertheless, it’s doesn’t leave a greasy residue behind.

In this way, the inherent features of the leather fibers may come to the fore. When little scratches, markings, and natural color variations unexpectedly appear on our bags, they instantly transform into the highlights of our bags and precisely make our leather the unique vintage and rustic style and characteristics that timelessly add character. Even the smallest flaws have a tremendous impact in creating a vivid texture. These Crazy Horse Full Grain Leather Totes are built to endure. They are wonderful for escaping the city on the weekends to be in nature and great for ordinary city adventures.

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Natural oil absorption gives the Crazy Horse leather a glossy coating, resulting in a product that looks even better than before. When you’re injured, your skin will take on a faded, antique look. While preserving the fibers underneath, this enables you to make your new item appear strong and mature, showcasing the leather’s original color. ​

There is no standard leather that is more unique than Crazy Horse leather.

Its individually crafted production method makes Crazy Horse Leather unique and causes it to retain its appeal every day. The primary benefit of wax is that it is resistant to water and other fluids, and as such, it provides leather products with a higher level of protection. We guarantee that Crazy Horse leather bags have a leather strap that still looks good after at least 20 years, as well as leather that retains its appearance for at least that long. Think about how saddles, which often age into beauty, become even more stunning after years of daily usage. This goes to show how sturdy your Crazy Horse leather purses are.

Crazy Horse Leather is a high-quality, full-grain leather steel-toed work boots.

Handmade items such as Crazy Horse Leather purses are one-of-a-kind owing to their construction methods.

This does not leave marks on textiles or clothing. Classic style leather bags may be made from leather that is light in color and therefore suitable for this purpose. Each Crazy Horse Leather bag is individually produced. Every Crazy Horse Leather bag is unique due to the differing production method and natural material composition, resulting in every bag having a distinct appearance. Cleaning them is also easy.

Is crazy horse leather produced the same way that horse leather is?

High-quality materials, obtained from the finest vendors in the industry, are used to make Crazy Horse Leather. This leather is full-grain, high-quality cowhide.

Only the highest grade genuine leather is used to create Crazy Horse leather. The natural wax is applied to the full-grain cowhide, and then the leather is hand polished. This makes a durable, beautiful, and buttery-soft leather that resists water.

How is Crazy Horse Leather Made?

It is a two-step process to make crazy horse leather. First, a particular kind of wax is applied to a full-grain cowhide that has been polished and smoothed to produce a glossy and smooth surface. Then, the wax is covered with a thick coating of the aforementioned wax to finish the application. As the wax is applied, it will influence the leather fibers, changing their tone, shape, and appearance. This contributes to an authentic vintage look that matures with time to achieve a classic look for Crazy Horse Leather.

​It is assumed that such leather will survive many years of usage and abuse without wearing because of the careful procedure performed on full-grain cowhide.

We are very certain that these Whole Grain Crazy Horse Leather Handbags will last for decades to come.
Crazy Horse leather’s superior durability stems from both the superior craftsmanship used in its creation and its usage of only the highest grade leather. There are three basic leather grains.

This is a brief run-down of the distinctions between them:

The best-quality leather in the world is called Full Grain Leather. Full-grain leather has a distinctive appearance and feels and is great for preserving its original characteristics for years to come. The best, highest-quality full-grain leather is subjected to a coating of natural wax that hardens into weather and water-resistant leather with the same appearance and visual effect. To emphasize the inherent irregularities of the leather, the leather is massaged and polished to a light shine. The method we use yields rustic, distinctive bags with a remarkable rustic capacity to turn ordinary scratches and scuffs into eye-catching various colors that enhance the attractiveness of the bag over time.

Thin Leather: The organic second layer of leather is shaved off in thinner leathers known as top grain leather. However, this results in a softer, more flexible material, but it is not as long-lasting as Full Grain Leather, which we use in our bags.

Authentic grain leather: Though this leather has been highly treated, it is still authentic leather. To eliminate the inherent irregularities in the material, the upper surface has been sanded down, while the rear layer has also been sanded smooth. Often, remnants of different leathers are used to make this leather. To achieve a consistent appearance, the top is polished. This leather is far from the grade of Top Grain Leather, and it is not as robust as Full Grain Leather.

Crazy Horse Leather is durable because of how hard it is to produce.
The Crazy Horse Leather is very robust because of the quality of the leather. This indicates that only top-quality hides are used, providing full-thickness from just these hides. The aged, distressed appearance of the leather adds to the vintage appeal, making it a coveted material for the manufacturing of top-quality leather goods.

“Waxy” describes the sensation of “the wild horse leather.” It appears as though it has been damaged, with what appear to be scratches on it.
It also provides it with good resistance to weathering and makes it very robust capable of withstanding wear. Wax is applied to both the leather and the item to be protected from damage due to water or humidity; thus, water will not harm the item.

Each bag is different owing to the wax and production process, causing the goods to wear and rustic with time. This unique patina is produced by the healed scratches and scrapes on the natural leather and is sometimes referred to as a beautiful patina.

The most obvious benefit of Crazy Horse Leather is that it has quality leather.
As a result, scratching and scuffing may result in the appearance of different color hues, and this will only serve to enhance the character of the bag by letting the Leather’s natural beauty stand out. While it takes time for the original color and tone of the leather to be revealed, it will acquire a lovely patina.

In addition, Crazy Horse Leather is very sturdy since it is manufactured with top-notch, full-grain cowhide leather, which means it will be able to endure a lot of usages. For our saddles, we choose this kind of leather since it resists friction and damage while enhancing the attractiveness and look of the bags over time. Regularly taking care of oneself may cause traditional leather purses to begin to stiffen, fracture, or break within a year or two of usage. The lasting durability is due to the application of wax on the leather. With relatively little care and upkeep, Crazy Horse leather bags may endure decades. The toughness of the leather stays the same even when it reflects light.

​Leather artisans use old-fashioned techniques to create each messenger bag, duffel bag, wallet, and backpack, each with a distinct vintage appearance that matures wonderfully. Your backpack and leather items will be great for weekend excursions or everyday outings since they are made to endure. There’s a level of certainty with this purchase, which means you may buy it with confidence.

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