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Leather handbags are one of the most functional accessories. This is why they are very useful in our wardrobe, not only for women, but also for men. They transport our everyday objects and protect them from external threats. In addition, they help us to give a personal touch to our style. A handmade leather bag can give you a plus in your outfit and more elegance to your outfit. It can be combined with almost any type of clothing and using it on special occasions will be ideal to stand out. Now more than ever we have options for all tastes imaginable.

It is a perfect complement to replace that bag of canvas and leather that you have worn countless times and it does not fill you at all. For those routine days when you need something that breaks the monotony that has visited you so many times. Handmade leather bags, designed so that when that great friend of yours sees you, I asked you: Where did you buy it? I want one. The versatility of a leather bag allows you to adapt to any occasion and any day.

Why buy leather bags?

From cheap and more basic leather bags in neutral colors like black, brown or beige, to high-quality leather bags. A leather handbag is also a great option, if you can decide what to leave out of it.

We have bags for both women and men, for those days of University and those holidays. We also have backpack-style leather bags, which have more space in case you need to carry more things with you. Most celebrities love to carry these backpack style handbags, since they are very light and versatile. For the most demanding and to provide more comfort, we have everything from leather bags to backpacks without a zipper.

They are available in all sizes and colors, with the highest quality and prices available to everyone. Since the choice of a purse is something very personal, we have a great variety of these.

Our leather bags and backpacks will make you look like another level. Everyone will want to know where you bought it and they will give you that touch of elegance and comfort that we all love.

Meet the most common models in leather bags

The bags are very useful and complement your ideal oufit . In addition, they fulfill another function: that of keeping small and frequently used objects . There is a wide variety of bags, of all sizes, designs and colors.

On the other hand, it is important to emphasize that not all bags are made with the same material. That is why this article is aimed at describing everything related to leather bags , their characteristics and tips for cleaning them.

The best models of leather leather bags

When buying a portfolio, the biggest concern is whether it will be of good quality or not. For this reason, it is necessary to know the characteristics of each brand and thus determine which one suits you. Here are some more featured models in leather bags:


It is a type of leather bag with a crocodile texture. It is one of the most outstanding fashions in 2017, however, this style is still in force. You can find this design in various colors. The most striking is the color red, but it is also found in black, blue and ocher.

Leather bag in yellow

The line of bags “New Arrival” made a leather bag in yellow . It has a wrinkled texture. It is one of the most elegant models and you can take it for any occasion, especially if you must go to an important meeting of work.

Leather bag in chic style

It is one of the most elegant styles in leather bags . This type comes in several colors, however, the vinotinto predominates. It is casual style, you can use it for any occasion every day.

Leather bag Jack & Chris

It is one of the widest types of leather bags . It is fashionable and can be formal or informal; It depends on the length of your strings. They are ideal to go on a trip and also show them daily.

Zooler body bag

It is a type of leather bag made of cowhide . Its texture is completely natural, it also adapts to any occasion; ideal to go shopping, go to the work meeting, go to the movies or travel. It also comes in different colors and designs.

Crocodile style leather bag

As we already mentioned, this style was one of the most outstanding in 2017 . However, many people take it in their attire of the day . It is one of the best options to go out in the evenings. His style is unique, striking and innovative. It can be reflected in different colors such as blue, red, black, brown and others.

Casual blue bag

It is a type of elegant bag with a soft texture . It is one of the most resistant and strong textures , so in terms of quality, this type of leather portfolio is the most recommended. There are many models of this type of smooth leather , so in the market there is a lot of variety to choose between designs and colors.

How to clean leather bags?

The first step to clean a leather bag should be with soap and water . If your bag has dust, for example, you can use a mini vacuum to remove it. On the other hand, you can clean the surface with a little soap and water in case there is any stain.

On the other hand, alcohol is also an instrument to remove ink stains on leather wallets. To remove the ink stains, you should only wet the handkerchief with a little alcohol and pass it over the surface that is stained.