Tools For Leather

Maybe you think you need very expensive and professional tools to work leather. But it’s not like that, with the right leather tools you’ll be able to work without complications and you’ll have everything you need. You will hold in your hands something that has a great history and the purpose of making great creations. The previous generations have always used them, to give shape to leather and create pieces of handicrafts, fashion, and useful in general. Even with the passage of time, the tools are still useful and practical in our lives.

We have many types of leather tools so you can choose and meet your needs. From kit of initiates so that you learn to work leather, to advanced Kits for people more experienced in the trade. Tools for cutting leather, for engraving and embossing and auxiliary tools to help you working the leather like a club.

With our leather tools you can make your own leather goods, such as leather watch straps, leather cases, rings, or an article to decorate your home, which never hurts.

Do you need something specific?

If what you need is to sew the leather that you already have to personalize it, do not worry, since we have all kinds of utensils to make your life easier. For example, our leather forks, which will practice perfect holes with which you will be amazed.

If you already have tools and you do not know where to put them, because they occupy a lot of space or you do not like how they are on your wall, we have the solution for you. Our leather tool boxes will serve to take away that concern, since they are very spacious and you will have plenty of space for your beloved leather tools.

If you have always wanted to learn to work leather, or perfect your technique with tools of the highest quality, this is your place and your moment. Our leather tools will help you create those perfect leather pieces without making a big investment. You are in the right place to buy cheap leather tools. You can show off skill and your creations with your friends and family at all times.

Learn about the essential leather tools

If you want to start in the world of crafts and manipulate materials such as leather, there are tools for leather for the fortune of many. These will allow you to make your own belts and bags without resorting to expensive stores.

It is normal that you think you need expensive tools or the professional type to start, but this is incorrect, because you can go to objects that are easy to get and that will become your essentials.

Depending on the result you are looking for, you will need certain specific tools, but it is advised that you first start with simple things that require less expense.

Basic leather tools

  • Cuter.
  • Metal ruler
  • Scissors
  • Awl.
  • Pincers.
  • Hammer.
  • Thick needle for sewing leather.
  • Beveling of the edges.


It is required that this tool for leather is of high resistance so that it manages to cut the materials that are thick. There are special blades to treat leather, but can be replaced with the normal cuter that you find in stationery, however you can keep this option in mind if you want to specialize in articles of that material.

Metal ruler:

It is very important that this tool for leather is made of metal, its function is not only based on taking measurements, but also fulfills the purpose of supporting the blade when cutting. Avoid those that are made of aluminum because they tend to sink because they are softer.


They are usually harder than normal ones, their edge must be sawed so that the pieces slip. They can be found in different thicknesses, but it is recommended that they be for thick pieces that will be used to cut soft materials.


It is indispensable to make holes in the leather and to pass the thread through it. 


It is used for making small holes in the leather, this tool can not miss since it is widely used in leather belts, one of the most demanded items. It must be resistant since this will depend on the details for this material.


It will be used to place the rivets and for the help of other tools. It must be made of rubber material and not metal, as it can damage other utensils.


You can find different kinds, everything depends on the type of sewing you are going to make. The saddle type is the one that is mostly used in these cases and is very similar to sewing wool but with the difference that its tip is round.

Edge beveling:

This instrument will be used when it is required to work with thick leather for a rounded finish. It is a kind of cutter that accommodates aesthetic details and is one of the most important leather tools .

Leather tool brands

For all new craftsmen, a drilling kit is of the utmost importance, the Lebbin brand brings to all a perfect package of 18 pieces for the handling of this material.

  • Includes polishing tool, ski knife, drill tool, chisel, among others.
  • It can be used as DIY tools since it is very easy to manipulate.
  • All utensils are useful for beginners and professionals.
  • They are long-lasting and easy to handle, they come with sewing handles, cribs of fingers and make it easy to sew on top of the material.
  • It has a guarantee, you just have to contact the distributor store.

Malaya brand leather toolkit

It has 18 pieces for leather, especially for making belts, wallets, purses and watch straps.


  • These are materials made of chrome vanadium steel.
  • 18 pieces in its entirety.
  • It is easy to handle, ideal for beginners and professionals.

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